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The Lovers Tarot Card Does it Mean Real Love is on Its Way to You?

Alison Yates

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The Lovers card can be seen as a welcome Tarot card if it turns up in a Tarot Spread in a Tarot Reading. A Querent (person receiving a Tarot Reading) should be expecting to come to important decisions.

But it doesn’t always mean that true love is on its way. It might not refer to relationships at all.

It is more to do with choices.

This can mean choices of the hearttoo, of course.

Some of the questions the appearance of the Lovers card throws up when it appears in a Tarot reading are:

  • What are the things you love in others?
  • What are the things you love about yourself?
  • Have you ever loved someone more than you needed them? Have you ever needed someone more than you loved them? What is the vital difference?

In relation to your personality the traits that the Lovers Tarot card portrays are of a well loved person with plenty of love to give to others.

In connection with family and friends, the Lovers card tells you that closer bonds and relationships need to be established. There’s also a need for you be more sympathetic to another. It is telling you to get closer - make a connection.

In connection with health, this card could be an indication of heart problems, or affairs of the heart which are causing you stress.

Where love life is concerned, the Lovers card shows strong feelings, an imminent union, a marriage or at least greater intimacy. Other meanings might be a growing physical and se(x)ual attraction to someone. You may be struggling with temptation. You may have a problem choosing right from wrong - you might be thinking about an affair.

A choice has to be made.

For career, the Lovers Tarot card brings a realisation about what really matters. Being happy is important - and money doesn’t always mean happiness. There are other things that bring true happiness

The Lovers card is mainly about choices. The Querent is at a crossroads and a decision must be made which could affect the rest of their life.

But even more than that, this choice is one between duty against heart’s desire. A gamble that could lead to greater happiness. Maintain the status quo and an opportunity might be lost forever.

As for love? Yes, this card can mean a new love will come into your life. Or even that a current relationship will go through a big change.

Above all else this card will almost always mean that your heart rules your head at this time, and a dramatic change of attitude will lead to happier times.

Positive connotations associated with this card are a new lover, physical attraction, love, sex, or greater commitment.

Negative connotations associated with this card are lust, temptation, separation, failed love affair or emotional loss.

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