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Real Psychic Abilities An Insiders Guide to Developing Psychic Powers


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In this article I'd like to share with you some GREAT tips on how to develop REAL psychic abilities. The simple truth is that for SUCH a simple subject, the world of psychic phenomena is shrouded in unnecessary layers of MYTH and misinformation. There are SKEPTICS who will tell you psychic phenomena are all a bunch of bunk (and they would be WRONG. . :-) and then there are the LOONIES and reactionaries out there that will ascribe psychic significance to every simple or coincidental life situation, giving the skeptics even MORE ammunition to claim all of us who EMBRACE the mysteries of life are nuts! The truth is FAR simpler and more easy to digest. Read on as I explain.

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Your mind can do things that NO computer on the planet can accomplish. We are all self aware. . . and that is a MIRACLE that no science can explain. You can contemplate your own existence. . . you can create art, think, reflect, show compassion, care and so much more. Psychic abilities, the REAL ones, are as fundamental to our existence and shrouded in the wrappings of our potential as consciousness itself is. And remember - no matter how much the “skeptics" may try to SAY they understand about the mind. . . . there is NO scientific explanation for consciousness itself. But that is a DIFFERENT article for a different time.

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Psychic abilities can be cultivated and developed. Much the way a babies consciousness grows and evolves to a small child - and then to that of teen, adult and beyond, so too does the psychic skill of those willing to invest the energy into evolving the mental faculties required to watch them grow.

Meditation, for example, is a GATEWAY to psychic powers you can ONLY imagine. (if you don't believe me. . . read Hindu, bud hist, Kabalistic, and Christian texts on the powers that come with contemplation) You can transform your world through the power of meditation, and I can personally attest to this. Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming exercises are not only EASY to learn, they will open you up to adventures. . . . . powers and possibilities that lie beyond your most colorful imaginations. Remote viewing is REAL and can be learned by just about anybody. . . as the United States military proved with their two decade experiment called “Operation Stargate" and whose results were recently declassified under the freedom of information act.

There is a world out there of REAL psychic powers that WILL change your life if you choose to look a bit closer. I know it has made ALL the difference in mine!

And of course there is SO much more. . . . More that lies possible in YOUR life if you only open yourself up to the possibilities. Simply START by opening your mind, spirit & enhanced AWARENESS and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown. . :-) It WILL rock Your WORLD. . . I promise. . ;-)

Who Else Wants to Experience Radical Inner Peace & Magnificent Well Being?

Read on. . . to discover how to experience almost MAGICAL psychic POWERS blissful meditation and SO much more. . . . . . . quickly, easily and magically even if you are a complete novice and have no idea what you are doing!


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Psychic Powers For Beginners - Psychic Training Obstacles
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