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Some Free Advice on Reading Tarot Cards

Lucy D

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In order to really understand the meaning of tarot cards, you have to open your mind wide, and let all information fall through it without judging it. You also have to be pretty fearless in believing that the thoughts that stick during that process are real.  

The hardest part of the entire event is opening your mouth and saying what you see.   That empty-handed leap into the void will teach you more about the meaning of the cards than years of studying in seclusion. How? Because before you open your mouth, you'll instinctively sift out the unnecessary elements and get to the point.   Saying it out loud forces you to stand behind it.


You can use tarot cards to find lost objects.  Once, someone called me to find a favorite lost baking pan. I turned over the card named The Devil. In my deck, that's Pan or Hermes - the trickster. Right away I understood what was going on. Pan the god, and a lost baking pan is such a good pun, that I knew I was on the right track. I suggested she look in the drawer where the pan is usually kept. Her reply was, “I've looked in their 100 times!" But I asked her to look again. The pan was not only in the cabinet, it was right on top of everything! Now, don't ask me how that happened, because I have no idea. But Pan was being his trickster self.   The point to understand here is that life is full of surprises, and we must be open to that.


Reading tarot cards comes more easily if you treat it as one of many ways to get the answers you're seeking. You will get the best readings when you play along with the cards and try not to be too serious.   Just as a violin lying on a chair cannot produce music on its own, a deck of tarot cards does not have any useful intrinsic meaning until it finds itself in the hands of a reader.   A violin will sing when a professional picks it up and plays it.   A tarot deck will spill the story of your life when a good reader looks at them.


Once a woman asked me how someone named Hannah was doing. I was at a Tarot Party with her and I had looked at the same cards over and over that day, yet, when she asked me the question; my eyes were drawn to a character's foot in the first card. I turned over a few more, and in a playful way looked at the other cards I'd drawn for her question. Another figure in a different card was gazing into the distance. It reminded me how some people watch TV; in a kind of trance. So I said, “Hanna hurt her foot and is spending a lot of time in front of the TV instead of running around like she usually does. " The woman replied, “Hanna is my dog. She just had her foot operated on and now she's watching animal programs on TV.   She has never done anything like that in her life!"


Lastly, I give you a story with a playful warning. Fifteen years ago I was asked to read cards for a person who said that he didn't believe in tarot cards. That was no problem for me because I always like a challenge.   He called his wife over and she watched me read for him. The first card was The Chariot crossed by Judgment. I asked him if he'd gotten into a car accident recently, as I could see he'd be going to court. His face went pale. His wife looked at him. I had no idea what I'd stepped into. It turns out, he had been out to a bar a few nights before and had a bit too much to drink. He and his car wound up in a ditch, and he had a court appearance coming up. But he hadn't told his wife any of this.   To this day he is in conflict about that reading.   He still doesn't want to believe that anyone can see his secrets, yet he had to admit that it could be done.   I learned from that episode that reading tarot cards is easier when you keep it confidential!

LucyD has been reading and teaching the tarot for 25 years. Her area of expertise is demystifying the tarot for easy access by anyone. Get your special report entitled: The Seven Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Cards Read at


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