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Discovering Your Psychic Talents

Lucy D

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Oftentimes, we make the assumption that other people can do things that's we will never be able to do.   It's true that each of us is born with certain talents in some areas and not others, but if that was the end of the story, we would never have a Tiger Woods or a Michael Jordan or a Maria Calas or a Indira Gandhi.   They became the experts they have the same way a musician gets to Carnegie Hall: Practice, man, practice!

You've probably heard this somewhere before: “Everyone is a little bit psychic-some people are more psychic than others".  

What makes someone more psychic than another?  Well, beyond the talent one may have been born with, there's practice.   You can't practice until you have some level of belief that you can do it.   You won't practice jumping off the high dive unless somewhere, deep down, you believe you'll survive it.   You won't practice playing piano unless you believe that you'll be able to play a song someday.   You have to learn the fundamentals and then practice them.

So, how do you practice being psychic?  The number one roadblock to getting anywhere here is judgment.   YOUR judgment about yourself that says you can't do it.   So for starters, you must assume that you can.   It costs you nothing to have this thought, so step number one is to get out of your own way.

Step number two: Start listening to your thoughts.   Not the thoughts that go round and round your head every day about your job and your family and your finances, but those little stray thoughts that come from nowhere and slip out before you even realize they're there.   Practice catching them and writing them down.   If you think you don't have thoughts like that, go back to step number one.

Step number three: Once you've made a regular practice of noticing these little stray thoughts, try to catch one as you're thinking it.   Pretend the implications of the thought are real.   Play out the scenario in your mind.

Here's an example:  You're studying for an exam.   You're cramming facts into your brain when suddenly you think, “my sister is driving a new red sports car".   Grab that thought!  Now, your sister owns a station wagon, but this strange little thought just flits in like an insect.   Right away your logical mind will bat it away.   So grab it quickly. And test it.   What kind of car is she driving? Has she ever mentioned that she wanted this type of car?  If she bought it, could she afford it?  


The next time you talk to your sister, tell her about what you were thinking and see what she says.   You have to practice in this way over and over to get where you're trying to go.   You might have tuned in to a past event, or a future event - so let a little time go by before you check it out.   Who knows, your sister may phone YOU to say she bought that little red car!

If you want to read Tarot cards or do some other kind of divination for others, you must really master these steps.   This subtle art of listening to delicate thoughts that surround us daily is the foundation of a good reading.   So, Lather. Rinse. Repeat.   It doesn't matter what divination tool you are drawn to use, the way you tune in to someone starts with this.

If you've tried it once or twice, and you're not getting results, keep trying. It WILL come to you.   Like going on a diet, if you keep stepping on the scale in the first week, you won't notice any improvement. If you stay off the scale, then suddenly, one day: PROGRESS!  It's the same principle when honing your psychic talent.   Keep at it. Once you realize that you're getting it, you will progress very, very quickly!

Lucy D has been reading and teaching the tarot for 25 years. Her area of expertise is demystifying the tarot for easy access by anyone. Get your special report entitled: The Seven Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Cards Read at


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