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How to Explore the Astral Plane Without Magic, Trickery Or Fraud


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Who else wants to learn how to explore the astral plane with elegant and effortless ease? If you are anything like I used to be, you PROBABLY find the idea of surfing the supernatural surfboard a bit odd, off putting and in all likelihood, a consequence of being dropped on your head one too many times as a teenager.

Fact: Astral Projection is a VERY Real Experience That Has Puzzled GREAT Minds of All Types and Stripes for Decades!

Carl Jung, the great 20th Century therapist and one of the great Philosophers of the past hundred years said: (and I paraphrase)" I won't commit the fashionable sin of writing off as fraud everything I can't explain or understand. "

And do you know WHY that's such a powerful statement coming from such a great mind as the father of Jungian Psychology. . . . ?

He himself had an out of body experience where he traveled the astral realms, met being s and relatives on the “other side". . . . . . and was completely conscious to boot!

There are only 2 simple steps to exploring the astral plane:

  • An Open and Relaxed Mind
  • The BELIEF That Such an Adventure is Possible

And I would add. . . . . the ability to enter a deep meditative state of altered consciousness certainly helps! Many people DO in fact have spontaneous adventures in the astral, but for most of us, unfortunately, we need to PRACTICE! But make NO mistake. . . . a consciously induced out of body experience is amongst the most POWERFUL experiences a human being can have, a life changing, paradigm busting, awareness expanding exploration of the universal potential and possibility that awaits us all! Once you BELIEVE this is part of your unique journey as well, the amazing adventures open up in a hurry. . . . . at least they did for ME!

(and there is NOTHING that will give you the freedom of thought, mind and spirit than learning there is FAR more to your life than meets the eye!)

Simply START by opening your mind, spirit & enhanced AWARENESS and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown. It WILL rock Your WORLD. . . I promise.

Who Else Wants to Experience Radical Inner Peace & Magnificent Well Being?

Read on. . . to discover how to develop psychic POWERS learn blissful meditation and SO much more. . . . . . . quickly, easily and magically even if you are a complete novice and have no idea what you are doing!

how to explore the astral plane

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