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Practical Steps to Ghost Hunting


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- History - Its important to find out all you can about the history of the location. You can check historical records, newspapers, books and articles; the Internet is often a good place to begin. If you get the chance talk to a local historian or the local historical society they are a great source of information and can save you weeks of searching. Finding out about the history can be helpful in finding hard facts or folklore about the place.

- Evidence - Where possible gather as much evidence as you can about the haunting. If possible interview witnesses or local residents. In many cases the investigation will be guided by the witnesses’ statements and testimony.

- Prepare - When carrying out an interview be prepared for it before you conduct it. Remember to be open-minded and considerate of feelings and comfort of the person or people you are interviewing at all times. You must always allow the person to tell their story without interruption and hold off any questions until they have finished.

- Questions - Its important when questioning a person that you make sure your questions are not leading questions. For example: Leading Questions: Did you see a ghost? Were you frightened? Use open questions, Open Questions: What did you see? How did you feel?

- Privacy - When you gathering information for your investigation it is vital that you respect the privacy of the residents in the area. An overnight investigation may be the final course of action rather than the first. Its important you have done some preliminary research first as a simple explanation may be found early on in the investigation for the reported haunting from researching the history and through interviews.

- Permission - You must always get permission from the owners or residents before going onto private property even if the property looks abandoned. If the location is a public space like a school or hospital you will need permission from the caretakers or site owners before you begin. If you are going to be taking pictures in a public place, like graveyards, in the early hours of the morning it is advisable to notify the police that you are going to be there and at what times.

- ID - It is important that carry ID with you so that if you are questioned by anyone you can prove who you are.

- Never Go Alone - This is common sense. If you fall over or hurt yourself or if you get scared out of your wits you will need someone else there. Always make sure someone knows where you are going, for how long, and when you will be back, in case of emergency.

- The Best Time - Between the hours of 9pm and 6am is best time to investigate, as these are the hours most associated with hauntings. However, results can also be produced during daylight hours also.

- Check Out - Its important to always check out the area during daylight before you go there at night so you are familiar with it that way you can look out for dangerous objects and obstacles that you might not be able to see in the dark, make a note of where they are an make sure the rest of your team are informed.

- No - Smoking, alcohol or drugs at an investigation for obvious reasons.

- Don't - On both indoor and outdoor investigations do not ware anything with a scent, such as, perfume, cologne or anything else with a noticeable scent. This is to ensure that someone else does not mistake the smell for a paranormal occurrence. It is said that Spirits use scents and smells to get our attention.

- Record- Do not rely on you ability to recall information and details later, as the smallest thing can be of vital importance when evidencing your findings later so always remember to take pens and paper with you and record everything.

Hazel Ford - At Haunted Happenings we always ensure that our customers have the best ghost hunt event possible. We recognise that there should be a good structure to every event whilst still keeping hold of the fact that our customers have their own expectaions of what will happen.

A ghost hunt needs to have the strictest of controls in order to correctly interpret evidence and yet you have such a low chance of enforcing this control when you are working with people who do not truly understand the concept of performing a valid ghost hunt This article helps to explain what is required in order to enforce the required controls. We source the most haunted locations in the UK and take members of the public on a ghost hunt, ghost walk, ghost supper or haunted weekend break to these locations. For more information about our ghost hunt event why not visit haunted happenings home page.


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Dowsing Pendulums and Their Use in Ghost Hunting Equipment
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