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Ghost Hunting Gear

David Price

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Some people believe that they will need tons of expensive ghost hunting equipment to go ghost hunting. That is not true. Yes, having expensive high tech ghost hunting gear may increase your chances of capturing some historic ghostly evidence, but ghost hunting can be done with few pieces of equipment.

Starting out, not every newbie ghost hunter, or for that matter experienced ghost hunter may be able to afford the high tech equipment. I'm sure you want to do the investigation to best of your abilities, but you can with out the expensive ghost hunting pack.

There a few inexpensive pieces of ghost hunting gear you can acquire with out breaking the bank, and really there are only two pieces of equipment that are need to complete a creditable ghost hunt. That is a voice recorder and a camera.

The camera doesn't have to be a digital version, but can be a 35mm, but I would suggest if you are using a 35mm film to use 400 speed or higher. The advantage of a digital is the amount of pictures, with the addition of a SD card, can be stored on your camera. And if you have the available screen on your camera to review pictures, this will give you ability to review some of your pictures right on the spot of the investigation. Granted it may be hard to find anomalies on such a small screen, but you may be able to identify mysterious objects, to which you will be able to debunk right on the spot.

The voice recorder is a very important tool in ghost hunting. The recorder will give you the ability to capture audio, and if your luck, the ability to catch a EVP. These types of audio anomalies commonly known as electronic voice phenomenon are some of the most substantial ghost and spirit evidence there is. Although some will contend that they are nothing more than other people in the groups talking, paranormal investigators and those you do the EVP work will contend that audio sessions are done during a highly professional manner, and all team members are accounted for during audio work. Most of these groups will have one individual do the talking with a shut up period for the rest of the group.

These two types of equipment are essential and the basics of your ghost hunting gear. You may add a simple and inexpensive tool that can be used for detecting potential ghosts, they are commonly called Dowsing rods. You may be able to pick up a decent pair of these for about 5 bucks or as high as sixty dollars. These are great if you cannot afford to purchase a EMF detector, or a digital thermometer.

Starting out will only demand you to have these types of equipment, but if you just want to look for ghost for you own personal experience, than hey , all you will need is a flashlight.

Once you have decided that ghost hunting is for you. Then start a group and have everyone pitch in a start adding equipment to your ghost hunting gear.

David Price Jr is founder of the Ghostly True Paranormal Research Society that is located Cass City, Michigan. David has always had a interest in the Paranormal ever since he was a child. David is also the founder and can be found at:


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Dowsing Pendulums and Their Use in Ghost Hunting Equipment
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