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Learn ethical hacking from scratch


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Learn ethical hacking from scratch Hacking is part of computing from almost more than 5 decades. The first ever of hacking was taken in the place in the year of 1960 at MIT. Hacking is simply called the act of finding the possible entry that exists in a computer system. The main purpose of hacking is to gain the act of finding possible ways that exist in a computer system to hack all the important data in a computer.

Here you are going to know what are the types of Hacking. You can also know what are the advantages and disadvantages of hacking and what are the main purposes of hacking Types of Hacking We can spilt hacking into various categories. Website hacking In website hacking, it is to get command over web server and associated software like a database.

Network Hacking Network hacking includes gaining all the information about a network. it is done by using various tools like Telnet, NS lookup, ping, etc. Email hacking Email hacking involves in getting unauthorized access on Gmail account and it is using without the permission from the owner. Ethical hacking In ethical hacking, it involves finding all the weakness of a computer system for the testing purpose and finally fix them. Password Hacking In password hacking, it is the process of recovering all the secret passwords from the data in a system. Computer hacking Computer hacking mainly involves stealing of computer id with a password and applying hacking methodologies to get unauthorized access of the system Advantages of hacking Generally hacking is to recover the lost information.

It is especially used in case of a lost password. It also involves in penetration testing to improve or strengthen the computer and network security. It also used to put adequate measures to prevent security systems.

It also uses to gain the system from a malicious system Disadvantages of hacking Hacking is dangerous to If the person is done with harmful intent. It causes the following issues they are privacy violation, hampering system. Purpose of hacking There are many reasons for the purpose of hacking.

Hacking activities can be done for fun. They try to steal an important system. Hacking is also done for damaging the system and also used for hampering privacy, to break the policy and for system security testing.

Conclusion: So it is very necessary to protect our data from hackers. Hacking can be prevented by not sharing the passwords or CVV to any strangers. Hacking can also be prevented by not installing malicious software In our system. In the case of online transactions, it is better to safe and HTTPS website for online transactions. You can also more on ethical hacking online course .


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