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How To Study Online For PTE Academic


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Online Mock Test

Firstly, analyze where you stand. You can do so by giving a Mock Test. Giving a test without preparing will also help you realize why proper preparation is important for PTE Academic. Your first online mock test will tell you what you need to work on. Note down all the things you want to improve or study later in a list format. This list will be useful when you plan out your study.

Try to note down your analysis:

How fluent was your English?

Were you able to Complete The Tasks In Time

Which Question took you by surprise?

Were You Repeating Words?

How many spelling mistakes were there?

You can obviously add or modify your own points. You don't have to worry about missing out things as there's a lot to prepare and improve right now. You can just include the ‘main points’ as people call it.

Don't stress if you were not able to perform well as this is just one step into your preparation. Even Native Speakers don't perform well if they are not prepared.

Get to know yourself on the following skills that PTE evaluates:

Communicative Skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking & listening.

Enabling Skills: Grammar, Speaking, Oral Fluency, Writing, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary & Written Discourse

Study PTE Academic

There are two things that you need to understand in terms of PTE:

Exam Pattern

The exam consists of three sections:

Part I Speaking & Writing

Part II Reading

Part II Listening

Together they consist of 20 different question types while the number of questions may range between 70 and 91.

You should go through the PTE Exam Pattern and understand the rules of each question. You may also need to know how to answer such questions.

  • Scoring

The scoring pattern might be pretty complex to understand at first. But as you practice more and more, you will find yourself understanding it. There are broadly two types of credit through which your responses are evaluated: Correct & Incorrect Credit and Partial Credit.

Correct & incorrect is simply one mark for each correct answer and zero for each incorrect answer. Partial Credit depends on the question type and prompt length. For example, ‘Essay Writing’ Type question is evaluated on content, form, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc. You have to remember that content is the priority so a little tip: Always follow the given prompt and instructions.

It's not absolutely necessary to know how each question type is scored but it can help you achieve maximum scores. Refer to PTE's official score guide available online for more. You can include this in your preparation plan.

Time For A Plan

If you have followed the above two steps then it's going to be really easy for you to come up with a plan. Your plan should consist of a balanced schedule to give equal importance to reading, writing, speaking and listening.

For example, say you planned to study for PTE Academic within a month. You first-week planner can include:

  • Acing at least 5 Question Types From Each Section.

  • Working on your weak points/skills.

  • Giving 4 mock tests and analyzing them.

The important thing to note here is that you should not plan to do things one by one. An example of bad planning is devoting your entire time for one section and not moving onto another until it's finished. This kind of planning can leave little to no time in order to prepare for other sections.

You can make a plan by determining where you stand in terms of:

  • English Skills: You probably know how good your English is or isn't.

  • PTE Exam Pattern: A good look at the question types can let you know what you need to work on.

  • PTE Scoring: Understand the scoring briefly. Include it in your plan to get into the details as you prepare for every question type.

Only you can know what works best for you so take suggestions but work according to your capability.

You can use an online planner or set reminders for such plans to be more effective.

Practice Is The Key

Your plan must include giving mock tests at regular interval. It is more of a practical exam so nothing can prepare you like experiencing it before actually going for it.

Online Mock Tests comes in handy as they allow you to practice anywhere and anytime. Plan to do mock tests every time you work on a skill improvement. There is no better way to learn how to answer and approach questions than actually doing it.

You will learn these things by practicing online:

  • PTE Academic Exam Pattern

  • Time Management

  • How To Approach Each Question

  • If the ‘tricks & tips’ you learned works for you or not

  • Improvement of skills like writing, oral fluency, grammar, etc.

  • Strategy To Score Maximum

Apart from practice, you can improve your English every day by adopting some good habits.

What You Can Do To Improve Your English Every Day:

  • Subscribe To Online Daily Newspaper.

  • Install English Gaming Apps.

  • Watch English News Channels Or Shows.

  • Start A Personal Blog Online.

A Bonus Tip: You can practice online tests in a busy environment to see how much noise effect you as a PTE is not a typical silent exam hall. That's because during the speaking section everyone speaks. There is only partitioned desk to separate so you can not avoid hearing your co-test takers. What you can do is concentrate on your exam. The concentration will develop as you practice.

Beat Above Stress

Any Exam can be stressful and when you are preparing online, it can be a little tough. But you have all the resources online to make your preparation as easy as pie.

There is nothing to worry about if you are going for it with enough preparation. PTE is a fully computer-based exam which means even the evaluation takes place through algorithms. There is no room for bias or errors so if you did good, the result will be good too.

Here's what you can do to beat the stress:

  • Subscribe to good Exam related blogs
  • Seek Professional help if you are stuck
  • Join Online Group Study Communities for PTE
  • Listen to meditation podcast if needed
  • Get a friend or expert to give you feedback on your performance.

You might not realize it but your confidence is a really important factor in this exam. If you are nervous, it will probably show up in speaking responses. This can eventually affect your oral fluency and pronunciation. Both of them are important factors to score good.

Exam stress always seems to show itself just days before the exam. You have done enough practice by the time to take a break. Just keep your passport and alarm ready. There is no need to study at the last minute as it can actually mess with what you have learned so far.

RoadMap To PTE

PTE Academic Exam Pattern

Time Management


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