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Is online learning a boon or bane- The pros and cons


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Today, people are more inclined to their phones or computers than actually going out and interacting with new or old people. Today, people have more virtual friends than real ones. and are more active socially than practically. Same follows in the case of studies, students are more eager to learn through online media than attending extra classes or coaching. But hey, is real teaching actually replaceable? Does new media actually has better teaching standards when compared to classroom education? This indeed has become a debatable topic over the past few years. well as every single thing has its own pros and cons, similarly online learning to has its side effects as well as productive effects.

Undoubtedly there are abundant positive sides to online education but there are certain drawbacks which possibly cannot be ignored.

No credibility of resources: It is not at all necessary that the information or data provided online are 100% correct. There are 99% chances of it being wrong… I am not saying that whatever our teachers teach us are wholly correct but at least we are sure that they hold a degree on that specific subject failing which they would not have been appointed to teach. But we have no clue who the actual “GOOGLE GURU” is. Hence online information cannot be fully trusted.

No face to face interaction: It’s often possible that we misinterpret what we actually see or read when we do not find somebody to actually explain it out to us… a single punctuation error changes the real meaning of the entire sentence and as it is said half and the improper information is even more harmful than no information. Hence, face to face interaction is very important for proper learning.

No regularity or discipline: As the students are free from the regulations and boundaries of a proper classroom environment, it is quite obvious that the curriculum will not be maintained the way it should be. They might not study the materials in a routine manner and may start taking things lightly.

No time commitment: Since there is no one to inspect them studying they might just not complete their work and leave it unfinished further harming their own selves in the long run.

Higher dropout rate: Students are more likely to drop out as they are not giving their full commitment to their studies and taking their studies too lightly…

Despite all the minus points, this also is a boon to the society

  • Flexibility :

The main advantage of online education is its flexibility. a student can adjust his study timings as per his own needs. One can study indoor or outdoor, in a room or while traveling in a metro. It also saves time, energy or money of traveling to a specific destination to attain knowledge.

  • Cost – efficient:

Online education not only saves time and energy but also money. Education has mostly become a business in educational institutions these it coaching, schools or colleges, everyone is just trying to extract more and more money in the name of donations etc. online education saves the students from falling prey to such fraudulent practices. All one needs to do is have an internet connection in their system.

  • Wider choice of courses and subjects:

In online education, one is free to choose his own combination of subjects regardless of the percentage required for taking up that particular subject. One can even take up odd combinations such as science with psychology or commerce with mass communication fearless of the fact that someone might judge them for their choices.

  • No language barriers :

Since online education is available in most of the vernacular languages, there are no language barriers . one is free to learn new things in their own mother tongue as well. they are not bound to understand a particular language in order to follow the text… they can read the text or see a video related to it in whichever language they please, this gives them self-pride and confidence in themselves.

  • Underused data:

If a student does not has the time to take down notes while studying online, he can always save the page or convert it into a document and download it. unlike in traditional classrooms where the matter gets erased from the board once the teacher is finished teaching… one can always refer to what he or she has studied previously online by simply clicking on the history of the site.

It totally depends on one's personal opinion as to what is more convenient for him/her- the old traditional teaching or the new online education.

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