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How to Manage Your Child’s Schedule in Online Schooling

Jagriti Singh

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It is a common worry for many working parents whether their children can attend a virtual high school, following a proper and productive schedule. The truth is that it highly depends on the grade level of the student.

If your child is an elementary school student, he certainly needs some level of parental intervention. If parents are too busy to participate, they can hire a private tutor in the initial months, unless the child gets a hang of the online schedule himself. In fact, it is better if someone is available for guidance full time. With time, it is likely that the child becomes a more autonomous online learner. Your child will need less supervision in middle school. When it comes to an online high school student, he usually does not need any form of intervention. It is because, at this stage, he becomes responsible and matured enough to work towards forming a bright career.

However, things might be easier if at least one of the parents stays at home or does a light part-time job. That particular parent can serve as a good learning coach for his or her child. Parents might be needed to facilitate daily lessons and assignments. Both the parents can work it out together by compartmentalizing tasks.

How to do scheduling?

Create a solid learning schedule
You can plan your child’s learning schedule around your work schedule. Ensure that the activities that require the most support from you are looked into your presence.

Make sure to create a solid learning schedule for your child. Keep it attainable for your child. It should not be loaded. Make it breathable and changeable as well. It must be flexible, on top of all. Keep your child’s unique learning pattern, objectives, and needs in mind at the time of creating a learning plan.

Make short-term and long-term goals
When your child has a purpose, he is more likely to focus better. So, make sure to set goals for your child, short-term as well as long-term. Both of these types of goals are important. When you have a proper to-do list, your child is less likely of becoming distracted or straying from his or her studies. You can set certain instructions for your child as well. You can also make sure assignments are completed in a timely fashion.

Go for planning tools
There are many online school planning tools that can help you integrate your family calendar with your child learning scheduler. You can help your child learn to manage the planner beforehand. This is a systematic way by which students can easily work with the teachers, whenever required.

Embrace flexibility
You should never make a rigid schedule. It is because you never know when an unforeseen circumstance can arise that might hinder your child to attend the online classes for a few days. There might be many other forms of such pleasant or unpleasant surprises or urgency. Also, a particular part of the schedule might not work for your child. In that case, you might just have to think over and bring necessary changes to the learning schedule. This way you can encourage your child to continue working on the things that come more easily to him or her when you are not available.

Plan ahead
Always plan ahead. This way you can either take time off from work or flex your personal schedule. Thus, your child can attend social activities such as field trips, voluntary activities etc.

Take help from teachers
Most of the certified online teachers work one-on-one with the students. This is how they develop an individualized learning plan, providing extra assistance on your schedule. So, in order to avail this superb benefit, you and your child must make full use of this resource. As a parent, you can encourage your child to get in contact with his or her teacher for extra help. There are many ways your child can interact with other students. These include school discussion boards, real-time classroom conversations, email communications etc. This is an effective way to encourage your child to go through these methods at the time of working on a specific query or topic.

Focus on time management
You can create a personal calendar for the online high school program . This calendar can consist of a layout of what activities such as readings, journals, tests etc. The tasks need to be specified on a daily basis.

Maintain organization
You must ensure that your child has everything he needs to succeed in the online course. Normally, this includes a laptop, passwords, books etc. It is also required to include leisure time in the learning schedule on a daily basis.

Maintain convenience
Your child would be required to adapt and go with the flow at certain times. You must remember that your child might be required to revise and rethink the calendar plans once they are into the virtual course.

Prioritize your child’s learning style
There are basically three types of a learner in general: kinesthetic, auditory and visual. Your child be one of these three or a mixture of all three! So, you need to identify the learner in your child first. Accordingly, you can prepare a well-planned smart schedule. There are certain online learning styles inventories that can help you or your child gather insights to ensure your child’s success.

Focus on being a part of the online support network
It helps if your child has a group of study friends. It is because such groups can work as a support network. Here is where the online form of socialization comes into the picture. Your child can make friendships with like-minded people who have almost similar goals. Thus, it is an effective form of socialization.

Make proper use of technology
You can use technology to your child’s advantage. You might be required to research a bit to know more about online tools and resources. Only then can you help your little one to familiarize with the extensive set of easy and smart online tools.


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