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Online Degree in Origami - Art of Paper Folding


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Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It is a Japanese term where ‘oru’ means ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ means ‘paper’. It was first practiced in China as paper was invented there and later it spread to Japan. Initially, paper was expensive as it was not manufactured on a large scale and only a few people could afford it. But later on it spread across regions with economic methods of producing paper. It is majorly used for decoration purpose.

One can create various characters out of the paper. One can make a boat, flower, star, jumping frog, box, crane, bird just to name a few. It actually spreads a smile on the face of children when you make something extremely interesting out of a piece of paper. One can even cut the paper and make something out of it. One or more pieces of paper can be used to make paper art. One can use various colored papers which are square shaped in order to make the various origami paper creations.

This art for m is quite quick to learn and not very time consuming. Online videos would help you learn this art form. An online video gives you a live demonstration about how to go about the craft. Online colleges have various online tutorials for origami.

Qualities required

Some of the qualities required in order to pursue this course are:

Creativity – One needs to be extremely creative or must have a creative bend of mind in order to learn the art of origami. He needs to be interested in arts and craft to do well in this field. One can also make one’s own paper folding creations and display them.

Keen observation – A good and keen observation is required in order to understand the instructions given. A keen observation would lead to better understanding of the art and would lead to quick learning and grasping.

Follow instructions – A person who wants to learn this craft needs to follow the instructions mentioned on the instruction manual while learning this art. If instructions are strictly followed you won’t make mistakes and learn the craft well.

Grasping power – Quick grasping power is necessary in order to understand this art.

You can get information about online college programs origami from various websites, books, magazines, newspapers to name a few. There are various levels in learning the craft. First is the beginner’s level where the craft is taught at a very basic level in order to imbibe the basics of the art of paper folding, and then is the advanced level.

Future Prospects

You could start your own origami classes to teach the craft to people. Children would be interested to learn this art form much more. Starting origami classes will also create self employment along with enjoyment. It is where your hobby will turn into your profession and you will enjoy doing your job. You can have your own exhibitions if you are an expert in the craft and are proficient in making unique creations. People would love to see exhibitions. It is more of a hobby than a career. You can enhance your skills in the art form and make a good career out of it.

Various online colleges offer online college programs in origami.


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