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SEO Services Sacramento: Two Key Pieces to Successful SEO

Vick Condecion

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Hey this is Christian Fioravanti and I just wanted to share a short and sweet article with you today about where the internet is heading. As most of you know, I also run SEO Services Sacramento consulting company and we do a lot of online video. So I wanted to get into online video a little bit tonight. I know I've been talking about this stuff for years. Four years at least and online video is where it's at. You need to be moving your business there.

Well I just wanted to tell you guys again if you're into any sort of marketing business or home business or whatever business, small business. Whatever it is you need to be using online video. And actually want to run you guys over to Ryan Deiss's blog. He's a very big internet marketer. Very successful. Makes millions of dollars a year, but he actually has a few good points here that I wanted to bring out that are brand new.

Some really good things he mentions in this blog post. The blog post is called Video Is Where The Web Is Going. And I want to have you guys take a look at a few major facts that will really point you in the right direction for where your business should be heading, and where online video is certainly going.

So listen to this, just yesterday, it was announced that a full hour of video is uploaded on YouTube every second. It says 60 minutes of every minute of every day. And Cisco recently said that it's setting up its routers to deal with what they will call this video-onslaught, right? This mass amount of video. And they're projecting that 90% of all internet traffic will be video by 2015. Which is just a few years ago.

So, video is having a massive, massive impact on the internet, on business and how businesses dealt especially online. Now let's take a look at this right here. Online Video Usage Exploding, Study Says. This is from A very big internet website, they cover everything technology, software, internet, stuff like that. And they've got a whole article with a lot of great facts in here as well on all this stuff. They back up what my SEO Services Sacramento company does for small business owners via the internet.

So video is really exploding. It's something you definitely want to jump on. And I've been doing videos, like I said, for over four years. For my business I've been network marketing, home business. I actually own several businesses and I use video for every single one of them. And it's actually my primary method for driving traffic to my websites and building my business.

Now if you're currently offline with your business, that's pretty stupid to be staying offline. You can make so much money and expand your business quickly using the internet. Using the online videos. It's just an absolutely fantastic thing to jump on.

I just want to bring to you guys attention. I have a lot of people who come to me and ask me, Christian what is one of the best things I can do to get started online for my business? Video is where it's at guys. Really it's going to help you a lot to get an online video, it doesn't have to be personal videos like this one with your face here. It can be anything at all. But like I said it's something that you want to get into.

So you can also do videos like screen captures, like what you're watching right now is actually screen capture. You're actually watching me; you're watching me do this stuff. And that's another way to do videos.

You can also do videos through things like sketch casts and things like that. One of the biggest ways that is actually doing good right now, it's like an animated drawing. Kind of like a sketch video, kind of like these. These are actually the highest converting videos right. Videos like this; you see what he's doing? He's sketching out the pictures and the different types of content on this video and that's actually what the video is. It's actually one of the highest converting methods out there for videos. It's a lot of different ways to do video, but regardless you guys, you want to be on it.

So this video is actually getting a little bit too long. But I actually want to show you guys, if you're looking to do online video, looking to build your business, especially using some of the newer methods, the newer trends like online video. I definitely recommend checking out my new course which is called Attractionology 3.0. and one of the main chapters in this course it goes over all the online video. I have one chapter on, several sections on, actually an entire course overall that are dedicated to online video. How I have used it to become so successful. How I have used it to be able to bring in thousands of dollars a day, every day through using the power of video.

And so I recommend checking it out. In fact chapter 11 of my book here is dedicated to online video. And it's a lot of fantastic information in here. So I recommend checking it out, you can go and actually get registered for an webinar I'm holding about the online video and about all of these new school strategies for building your business over at You can actually find a link to that below this video. So I definitely recommend clicking on that, checking it out.

When you get here you just register for my webinar right here. You put in your date and time you want to view the webinar. Give us your name and email address and you're registered and you're all set. You can go ahead and watch webinars. It's a lot of free information to share on there that's going to help you to build your business. Not just online video, but many other methods. I can certainly attest to the success my SEO Services Sacramento company has had with video and you should model us.

So I recommend checking them out, thanks so much guys. I hope you have a fantastic week and see greater success in your businesses!

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