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New York Real Estate Agents, Can You Hear Me Now?


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More and more real estate professionals are hearing from their fellow agents about the latest trend in completing your Continuing Education (CE) requirements for your real estate license renewal. Simply put, the word is out that online websites are offering the best bang for your buck when it comes to these CE requirements. By checking out the various sites offering CE courses, you are bound to find one that meets your needs. Typically, these sites offer less expensive courses with more flexibility.

You can complete the courses on your own schedule in the convenience of your home or office, or car for that matter. The choice is yours. And, you can work at a pace suitable to your busy schedule.

You can literally stretch completion of the course over several months, or your can finish it well ahead of the time you must renew your license. The choice is yours. Now that you have heard about it, you will undoubtedly want to share the good news with other agents.

Speaking of hearing things, how are you doing in the listening department. Do you find yourself asking others to repeat what they just said? Lately, have you forgotten to do something you had promised you would do? Have you been interrupted in your conversations with clients by your intrusive cell phone? Has a potential client just dropped you out of the blue, without your ever really knowing why? Perhaps it's time you freshened up your listening habits. Here's a few tips that might help:

  • The Client is King.

    Always, absolutely always, give your total, undivided attention to your client. If you are on the phone with them, do not multitask by checking emails or memos on your desk or anything else. The person you are talking to can tell if they are not the center of your attention, just as surely as you can tell when someone does that to you.

    If you are meeting the client in person, turn off your cell phone. Do not take calls, unless you are expecting one directly related to the client you are with. It's a little thing called respect.

    Always let your Client know he is King with you.

  • Lose the Headset. Even if you are not one-on-one with a particular client, Blueray headsets and the like are very off-putting to the majority of people.

    There is just something about them that transmits an aura of superiority, that the wearer is in some way better than all the peons without those things. You undoubtedly know some folks who seem to have one of the headsets growing out of their ear. Don't let it be you. Remember, you are being watched even at times you least expect it. Don't project an arrogant attitude. Lose the Headset.

  • Be a Listener. Not just a talker. Not just a conversationalist. A listener. You have to genuinely practice to become an effective listener. It isn't natural. Most of us think of something to say while someone else is talking. Then we try to hang on to that nugget of thought, often tuning out further comments by the person speaking. We just can't wait to put our two cents worth in. Guess what. The conversations you are in as a real estate professional are not about you! You will do yourself, and your career, a great service by becoming a great listener. It's not just about what your client is saying. Is there a deeper meaning to their comments? Do their body movements, posture, or hand gestures reveal more than their words? Is this the appropriate time to ask for the listing or the sale? Effective listening is one of the strongest tools the real estate professional has in his arsenal. Use it. Nurture it. Be a Listener.

If you have been listening you have probably heard about completing your Real Estate Continuing Education requirements online from others. If not, you just might want to pass that pearl of wisdom on to some of your fellow agents. But, as you are one-on-one with potential or current clients, remember that it's all about them. Be a true professional by being an amazing listener. It will be an asset that will cause your clients to appreciate you more and will make them comfortable about referring your services to their friends and family. That will dramatically affect your bottom line. Be a listener. Can you hear me now?


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Real Estate Agents - Useful But Beware
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