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Pedagogical world's a stage; e-learning is a player


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one who has appeared on a stage will disappear one day but it depends how long it takes to get perished. If the audience accepts any player on a stage then that particular player comes in a great demand and the audience does not let the precious player go so easily or the curtain falls not very early.

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players” said Shakespeare.

Indeed, the world’s a stage and all the men and women have their entrance and existence, they play many roles on a stage willingly or unwillingly but, as soon as the curtain falls they disappear from the stage, which is designed for them.

I believe, everything can be described through the above lines written by Shakespeare. When I go through these well written above words, I always come up connecting with, sometimes its life or something else but I do create a new frame.

So, while going through Shakespeare’s play I did get a new frame once again as being a learning enthusiast I always keep an eye on learning and wisdom offering chapters to update myself.

“Pedagogical world’s a stage; e-learning is a player”.

The educational world has got a wealthy and rich gift in the form of e-learning which has revolutionized and changed the definition of learning. The role, e-learning is playing has attracted and touched many, whether you talk about students or corporates, indeed; are benefiting from e-learning on a large scale and most of the scenarios are incomplete without the presence of e-learning.

I must admit that one day; the curtain will definitely fall down and a visible player will also disappear but, must not be disregarded that “an admirable and outstanding player always dominates and remains in the great demand”.

“By saying e-learning a dominating player has nothing to do with dictatorship instead, it has given an extra edge to the stage (Educational world) and no doubt, e-learning has cemented itself on a stage”.

E-learning has appeared on a stage and has been accepted by the audience. E-learning is playing a vital role by putting audience in the comfortable zone where they can act according to the situation.

Now, a million dollar question is that, if pedagogical world’s a stage and e-learning is a player then one might get bored of the same player acting again and again, isn’t it?

Indeed, well raised question but the fact must not go unnoticed that e-learning as a player can play many roles to entertain the audience and that’s how, e-learning has cemented itself on a stage.

As of for now, I’m going to watch e-learning playing roles on a stage but I am sure, the curtain will not fall so early because good players do not appear each day on a stage so the audience will not let the curtain fall.

Nitin Soni, content writer at PIRON Corporation. PIRON is a leading provider of learning management system and Content Development , based out of USA and India.


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