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If you don’t go after the world, the world will be after you


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The time is taken away by heavy research work on websites, newspapers and dreaming on money making mouth watering courses in advertisements. Then there are advices from all the relatives, friends and whosoever we know, with assurances of success, but no one knows the right answer and no one cares for the capabilities and interests of the aspirant, for whom all these activities are taking place, and loses out on the important key aspect for anyone’s success that what they expect from themselves. Depending on the personal circumstances of a student, look for answers instead of following what others are doing. The answer is around, as world is full of possibilities and opportunities.

We just need to think beyond our borders. Look for answers, keeping in mind the options available in the education world not only in our own country but internationally, than going for the traditional degrees which mass is following. Look for options, which even being in the midst of a ladder which is about to break, can lend a helping hand to distinct one from the masses.

The course or degrees which make one feel privileged. Are there study options, which can still kick start one’s career, for what one has dreamt of. Remember, a hard worker can beat intelligent, but if an intelligent works hard no one can beat him. There is no measure for intelligence, intelligent is one who pounces on the opportunities at the right time, and takes control of his or her life. Keeping in mind all the concerns, I would like to introduce you to the world of accountancy. So the obvious question for a layman will be what is accountancy? But those who know, believe that they are people sitting in one corner of an organization asking for every in and out, now and then.

The accountancy has come a long way and the image of being rather boring and unadventurous is fading with the advancement in technology and the challenges posed by the corporate world coming up with complex business strategies and the way, the definition of business is rolling. The accountants are following the growth with the same pace, to keep things simple and straight, and have become an international human resource, with greater mobility, with the progression of firms into multinationals. The question which needs to be answered at this moment is, is there any qualification which can lead one to become a global chartered accountant.

The answer is with us and we have on offer, a range of options, according to your interests and capabilities, which can make you capable of reaching a possibility, where you can look at the globe and decide your place of work, without any apprehensions. This can happen, if you gain an accountancy degree from world’s renowned accountancy bodies like ACCA, CIMA, and CPA and also with the help of various short term courses offered by them. PIRON offers IFRS Training , ACCA Course, CIMA Classes, CPA USA and CFA Qualification and Join IFRS, ACCA, CIMA, CPA and CFA from PIRON - ACCA Gold Approved and CIMA Quality Learning Partner.

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