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Would You Be Happy to See a Team of Nurses?


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Would it be best for nurses to work in a team? Many professionals debate on this topic and the technique is used or dismissed depending on the hospital director’s present view.

On the positive side, nurses working as a team can divide duties and patients will have the opportunity to see more healthcare workers. On the contrary, some people believe that primary care is the best scenario; one nurse knows the patient’s condition and personality well and can adapt their techniques to suit their individual patient.

The following article explores the concept of team nursing, and will give a young nurse in school or one continuing their nursing education a sense of how their services will be applied.

The benefits of more nurses

The success of a team is contingent on its makeup. A team with members that are accountable and efficient will have no problems working together. Some healthcare environments are based on a hierarchy system, which can stymie the effectiveness of a team network. Some settings more than others, are conducive to team nursing.

A nursing student had responded, “An environment that values all of the players on the team and provides them with a voice and opportunities to grow and expand in their position will get results. ”

It seems that the success of a team has a lot to do with its immediate environment. The nursing student added, “I hope that the teams with low morale would look for ways to restructure their environment instead of giving up on the method. ”

A negative view of team nursing

Some people think “team nursing” destroys any sense of accountability for nurses. Most will think that there will be somebody to address tasks, but in the end, no one will complete what is needed to be done. One health care support worker offered their comment on the situation. “Team nursing justifies ignoring the patients’ needs. Each job patient needs one nurse who is responsible for them, and not four who might be. ”

A rift usually interrupts the dynamic of team nursing. The more experienced nurses seem to take on a superior position and allocate the menial tasks to those with less experience. “Some are permanently confined to basic tasks, ” described the health worker. “Regardless of your level of knowledge, you will be stuck doing the less desirable tasks, which ensures that good workers will quit. ”

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