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Bamboo Uses


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When people think of Bamboo, they most often think that it is the stuff that panda bears eat. However, there are many uses of bamboo that stem beyond the Asian culture. Asia still holds one of the most heavily forested areas of the world. Within this region, there are also many dense bamboo forests. Bamboo is one of the most important raw materials used by early Asian people. Bamboo is a large group of giant grasses with over 1,200 species ranging from the tropics to more temperate regions. One of the many uses of bamboo is for landscaping purposes. Known as “the plant of a thousand uses, " people in the United States as well as other western cultures, use bamboo primarily for landscaping purposes. People will use bamboo in gardens and as ground cover. Bamboo is used for low hedges, boundaries, fillers, foundation plantings and even as house plants. In Asian cultures, bamboo is actually used in construction as well as to make handcrafted items.

It can be used for flooring, sheets and paneling. Bamboo shoots are a part of Asian cuisine and have been somewhat adopted by American culture, making it available in the vegetable market. Other uses for bamboo include paper. You can actually make paper out of bamboo, and it adds a nice touch to any arts and crafts project that you might be working on. Bamboo can also be used as fodder for cattle as well as other livestock, although there hasn't been much research done in this area. On a more environmental note, bamboo has been proven as a helpful ecological plant in reducing our environmental interference in terms of livestock and waste disposal.

Every time we knock down trees and pave roadways or build houses, we are disturbing millions of ecosystems in the soil. By planting bamboo, we can help to alleviate problems such as soil erosion and ran runoff. Pollution is also a problem. However, with tall bamboo plants, this problem can also be alleviated to a degree because tall bamboo has millions of leaves that help to filter the air as well as block sounds and views that we impose on nature as well as each other. Bamboo can also be used around the house. For instance, I purchased a cutting board not all that long ago that was made out of 100% bamboo, and it works great. There is also something that is aesthetically pleasing about bamboo.

It can provide stress relief when you place it around your home, both inside and outside. It makes a great decorative addition to any garden or if you simply want to decorate your patio or walkway. Bamboo can also be used to create shelters. In many Asian cultures, bamboo has actually been used to construct buildings due to its incredible durability as well as to build bridges, fences, boats and rafts. Bamboo can also be use to create music, since musical instruments can be constructed out of it. There are also many beds, chairs, tables, book shelves, stools, folding chairs, wine racks cabinets, coffee tables, benches and other types of furniture that is made out of bamboo.

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