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Discover the Hidden Secrets of Munich, Part II

Fabiola Esposito

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So here we are again with the second part of this discovering Munich and it’s secrets trip.

Last thing we talked about was Munich’s Opera House, so we'll go on talking about music and celebrations. For party in Munich, what else than the Oktoberfest? Everyone has heard about this celebration. From mid september till the beginning of October, millions of people arrive to town from all over the world. In this beer festival purses, passports, cellphones, and all kinds of unsuspected objects get lost every year. Let’s say that last year, appart from all that, around 20 children were lost. It must be that when people start to drink, they forget about everything! And going back to the glcokenspiel of the Neues Rathaus, the clown that showed up at the party of the barrel-maker had just that task: looking after the children until their parents would remember about them.

However, going to the Oktoberfest is something that very few people can afford doing, be it for lack of money, time, or even lack of available accommodation on those dates. Anyways, if you like beer, you can’t leave Munich without visiting the Hofbräuhaus, the most emblematic beer house of Baviera. A pleasant place where you’ll feel surrounded by the traditional bavarian athmosphere with weiters dressed with the traditional bavarian dresses carrying huge pints in their hands. And you can usually hear live music too. A curiousity about the tipical bavarian dress is that the ribbons are not tied casually. At least, not in the past. Depending on where and how the ribbons were tied, you could tell whether the girl was single, married or widow.

Viktualienmarkt is the square of the market, a place to buy food or drink something and chill out. In the middle of the square is situated the May Post: a stick with decorative motifs. Traditionally, this kind of stick was given by a man to the girl of his dreams, and put in the girl’s garden. If she accepted the proposal, she would go around the pole once, otherwise she would reject giving him a barrel of beer. More than one must have done it just for getting rejected, for sure!

There are still lots of things you should see in this beatiuful city, but our last note will go to a street of Munich passing behind Feldherrnhalle, where if we look carefully we can find some golden flagstones, put there in memory of those who fought passsively against nazism.

If you have missed the first review of the secrets of Munich, you can find them out here: Discover the Hidden Secrets of Munich, part I .

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-Fabiola Esposito


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