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Learning Chinese - A fascinating, artistic and beautiful language with a rich cultural heritage!


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Selecting the right methodology to learn Chinese online and in the school requires you to set your learning objectives right. One of the main dialects of the Chinese language is Mandarin Chinese, so the common preference of learners is to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Why do Chinese learning objectives matter?

  1. You plan to visit China for a short period of time - Beginner level course.
  2. You are passionate about learning the Chinese culture and language - Intermediate level course.
  3. You want to become a Chinese translator - Advanced level course.
  4. You intend to migrate to China for exploring Chinese business opportunities. - Intermediate course/Chinese business lessons
  5. You are a good teacher and you want to become a Chinese language teacher - Advanced course.
  6. You are a linguist and learning foreign language is your thing - Intermediate/ Advanced course.
The Chinese language learning objectives mentioned above are highlighted to give a brief understanding of - why it is necessary to understand the learning objectives?
As mentioned above, you can categorize the Chinese courses that are available into three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We can easily interpret the level of expertise required for each of the above learning objectives.

Best learning methodology – your methodology
We are all comfortable with a particular learning methodology. As a matter of fact learning methodology is based on cognitive psychology. Our personalities and the way we learn facts, situations and create experiences make an interesting study of human behavior. Some of us may be good speakers whereas some of us may like to read. A lot of us may be good listeners and some may be able to focus with a combined audio visual aid. The courses available both online as well as real time consist of varied teaching methodology. So learning Chinese by reading books and listening to audio c. d. or learning Chinese by using software is completely your call. Believe me once you analyze this part, rest of the process will be fun.

Demystify the language

  1. Learn four new words every day.
  2. Live and drink Chinese, wherever possible try to speak in Chinese even with your non-Chinese friends. Tell them, I am practicing. Later on, you can translate what you said in English.
  3. Watch Chinese movies, I know it could be tough to understand but you can always watch it in small episodes. Trying to interpret the language to your own native dialect is very important.
  4. You may listen to Chinese songs and try to sing them. Okay, sounds difficult, try a poem.
  5. Heavy usage of graphics may enhance your understanding. For instance, get your hands on a Chinese story book for children. Story books are rich in pictures and could be an easy way to understand the Chinese culture.
  6. Listen to the audio learning c. d. The more you listen to it the more you will get familiar with the language.
  7. Before you begin with a paid course, you can find quite a few good websites where you can learn Chinese for free. Free Chinese lessons are available once you sign up on the website.
Please remember, you can forget your worries about the difficulty level of Chinese language. The points mentioned below form the technical aspect of the Chinese language -
  • Chinese language is spoken in short sentences
  • The verb in the sentences remains the same. Additional words are put to change the tense of the sentence.
  • Genders are not related to the nouns in the sentences.
There can be many other non-technical aspects to this diverse and artistic language. For instance, some of the pronunciations in the language may be similar to vowels in your native language. It is a good idea to find a common parlance between your native language and the Chinese language. This will help you to increase the ease in understanding the language and appreciating the course of learning Chinese. Gina writes for about beautiful Chinese language and learning Chinese online

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