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Using Spanish CD's to Learn Spanish in Under 8 Weeks - Without Using Up Any of Your Free Time

Noah M. Benjamin

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The opportunities given to you by learning Spanish are huge. Did you realize that you could learn Spanish and get these opportunities without having to invest any of your free time? Spanish CD's are the way to do it.

How Much Time Do You Spend In Your Car?

My Spanish learning improved exponentially when I did one quick exercise:

I added up how much time I spent in my car doing nothing.

I spent an hour a day traveling to and from work. Add in an extra half hour every day for miscellaneous errands, like groceries, or driving to a friend's place.

I was spending about 10 to 12 hours a week a week in my car.

This was 10 to 12 hours of down time every week. I sat in my car either in complete silence, or listening to the radio.

If I took advantage of this down time, and used Spanish learning CDs, I could get through over 50 hours of Spanish lessons in a month without investing any of my free time into studying. Wow.

What Is The Best Spanish CD?

There are a couple factors to figure out what the best Spanish learning CD is. These all come from recent research into language learning.

To most effectively learn a new language, you need to:

1. Be immersed in the language.
2. Speak the language out loud.
3. Interpret language being spoken to you.

Any Spanish CD that promotes you speaking the language out loud is perfect, especially if it trains you to respond to questions posed by the CD.

For example, a good Spanish learning CD would ask you questions like, “Como estas?" And give you ample time to respond, “Estoy bien. "

Most Spanish CDs worth their weight employ this learning method. Basically, do not purchase a Spanish learning CD that simply has you listen with no interaction.

The Bottom Line

You can fit a lot of learning time in every day without using up your free time if you use Spanish CD's in your car. Use Spanish CD's that focus on interaction - speaking and listening - rather than those that just “instruct".

If you start today, you can be speaking Spanish eight weeks from now.

I discovered the “secrets" to learning Spanish quickly, and share them for FREE at my site, Teach Yourself Spanish


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