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The Secrets Behind the Best Spanish CD Course - And How You Can Use it to Learn Spanish in 8 Weeks

Noah M. Benjamin

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Listen, you already know all the benefits of learning Spanish: the job opportunities, the cheap vacation opportunities, the social opportunities. . . the list goes on and on.

But did you know you can learn Spanish very quickly without using up any of your free time? A good Spanish CD course is your key.

Add Up Time In Your Car

Want to know how I moved onto the fast track learning Spanish?

The secret: adding up how much time I wasted sitting in my car every week.

Just think about it for a second. I realized, in the time I spent driving to and from work, as well as running other errands, I wasted 10 to 12 hours a week sitting in my car.

I say “wasted" those hours because I either sat in silence, or I listened to the radio, hearing the same 12 songs over and over.

These are 10 to 12 hours I had to spend anyway; I had to get to work somehow. So why not fill that time with a good Spanish CD course?

The Elements of a Great Spanish CD Course

Language researchers have found that the best language learning comes when you:

Are immersed in the language
Listen to native speakers in that language
Interact - in other words, SPEAK with - those native speakers

Any Spanish CD course that encourages talking along with the course is worth the cost. Do not go for a course that lectures, or only has you listening.

You will not learn Spanish if you don't speak it out loud!

The greatest part about Spanish CD courses is that any embarrassment that comes from speaking a new language is gone - no one is there to listen to you talk along with the course!

What Spanish CD Course Is The Best?

I actually recommend only one or two Spanish CD courses, but this is entirely dependent on what your goal is.

Do you want to speak Spanish in Latin America, or in Spain? Do you want to know just enough to “get by" on a vacation, or do you want to be fluent?

Either way, check out my recommendations on the best Spanish CD course for you, and starting making use of all that wasted time in your car!

If you start today, you can be speaking Spanish eight weeks from now.

I discovered the “secrets" to learning Spanish quickly, and share them for FREE at my site, Teach Yourself Spanish .


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Using a Consumer Review of Spanish Language Learning Programs to Learn Spanish
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