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Learn Spanish CDs - How to Get Amazing Results in Less Than 8 Weeks

Noah M. Benjamin

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I'm sure you already know all the benefits of learning Spanish by now. It's the world's third most common language; there are a number of job opportunities that open up with Spanish; Latin American vacations are cheap and plentiful. The list goes on and on.

I want to share with you how you can use “learn Spanish" CDs to accelerate your Spanish language learning - all without having to invest any of your free time.

Take Advantage Of Your Lost Time!

I'm going to let you in on a secret of mine. This is how I added about 50 hours a month to my Spanish learning time, WITHOUT using up any of my free time.

How was this possible?

I listened to “learn Spanish" CDs in my car.

Just think about it: how much time do you spend in your car every week? If you're like me, you have about an hour of commute time total to and from work, and about a half hour of miscellaneous errands.

That adds up to about 10 to 12 hours a week sitting your car.

And what do you do in that time you're in your car? Listen to the radio? Sit in silence?

Why are you wasting your time? Take advantage of all that time in your car and use a good set of “learn Spanish" CDs!

How To Identify The Best Learn Spanish CDs

Language researchers have pinpointed how anyone can most quickly learn a new language. It boils down to:

Immersing yourself in the language
Listening to native speakers speak the language
Talk back to those native speakers in the language

Any good “learn Spanish" CD will incorporate all three of these aspects. You will generally hear a native speaker speak a sentence, along with possibly a translation, and a back-and-forth will be simulated between you and the speaker.

Just Tell Me What The Best Spanish CDs Are!

It's not as easy it seems to just tell you. I've used a number of Spanish CD sets and had the most luck with a set called “Learning Spanish Like Crazy", but again, you need to figure out what your goals are.

Are you looking to speak conversational Spanish, or just enough to get by on a Latin American vacation?
How much time do you want to spend learning Spanish?
Do you want to speak Spanish in Latin America, or Spain?

Once you know your goals, it should be very easy to identify which Spanish CD course will best suit your goals and your budget.

Bottom Line

Take advantage of the down time in your car every day, and teach yourself Spanish using “learn Spanish" CDs.

If you start today, you can be speaking Spanish eight weeks from now.

I discovered the “secrets" to learning Spanish quickly, and share them for FREE at my site, Teach Yourself Spanish .


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