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Learning Spanish For Kids - What the Latest Research Shows

Noah M. Benjamin

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Parents who invest in learning Spanish for kids are giving an amazing gift to their kids.

It has been proven through research that Spanish can:

Improve memory
Improve test scores
Improve language abilities in a child's first language

But most important are the implications that knowing a second language like Spanish has on the child's future. As our world grows smaller and more globalized, knowing a second language is becoming a necessity.

The problem is that most parents take the wrong approach to teaching their kids Spanish, forcing them into classes and educational programs that make them resent language learning and lose all interest.

How To Train Your Brain For A New Language

Scientific research has been able to show us in recent years how the brain best learns a new language.

In fact, it has shown us not only how the brain best learns a new language, but also how it most easily learns a new language.

This is all through a process called “immersion. "

Immersion is simply the process of surrounding your child with another language, like Spanish, as much as possible. The brain will then do all the work for them subconsciously!

Don't believe me? Then I want to try an experiment with you.

Think back to when your child was a baby.

A baby with no knowledge of language. And a baby you obviously couldn't put through language classes.

By age 2, that baby was able to speak their first language. That baby learned naturally and subconsciously.

Wait, but how did that happen? Yep - through immersion!

Your baby's brain adapted to the patterns and essentially “solved" the language problem that being immersed in the language provided.

This process works best for children ages 0 to 12, but works up through adulthood.

The Best Spanish Learning Material For Kids

So now you understand that language immersion is the best way to learn a new language for any person, simply because that's how the brain works.

So the best way to teach your child Spanish is to find ways to immerse him in the language!

Speak Spanish to your child whenever possible. If you don't know Spanish yourself, don't worry - basic Spanish can be picked up in about a week or two, and then take advantage of this opportunity to learn with your child!

Hire a nanny that speaks Spanish. Thousands of children become bilingual simply because a baby sitter spoke to them in Spanish all the time.

Use language games on your computer that immerse your child in the language.

Use your imagination and find ways to immerse your child in the language!

The Bottom Line

If you use traditional language teaching methods with your child, I guarantee you will just make him resent language learning.

The best “learning Spanish" for kids materials are those that immerse your child in the language, simply because the entire process is subconscious. Your child won't even know that he is “learning"!

The top-performing students in American schools today are bilingual. Find out for FREE how to get your child on the same path to success learning Spanish.

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