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Learning Spanish As a Second Language in Just a Few Short Weeks

Noah M. Benjamin

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If you're considering Spanish as a second language, I want you to pat yourself on the back.

Why? Because that is one of the best decisions you could ever make for yourself.

Learning Spanish is becoming an absolute necessity in our world. Over 400 million people speak the language. Many jobs are going to those who speak Spanish.

Not to mention the cheap but absolutely incredible travel opportunities that open up for you when you speak Spanish.

But this is where I need to stop and let you know: most people go about learning Spanish the complete wrong way.

They spend months - years - learning the language with nothing to show for it but a lot of frustration.

But there's a growing amount of research showing a better way to learn. A way that involves very little conscious thought, and in fact, can make you conversational in Spanish in under two months.

(You could be talking enough basic Spanish to get by in Latin America in about two weeks, too. )

How The Brain Really Processes New Languages

When you were a baby, you had no language knowledge. You didn't receive any language training.

By age 2, you were speaking your first language.

This is because you naturally followed the best language learning techniques. As a baby, you didn't know any better but to do what your brain preferred you to do.

And because you followed your brain's preferred language learning method, you learned fast, based on your previous (read: none) knowledge.

So what is this process?

It's a little process called “immersion. "

Using Language Immersion To Your Advantage

Language immersion is the best way for anyone, young or old, to learn a new language.

It is the process of surrounding yourself in the language. Your brain is wired to figure out - subconsciously - the patterns involved in the language, and it essentially solves them for you.

However, language immersion isn't as easy as just jumping in and learning the language. You must gradually build up your knowledge.

In other words, start simple in your immersion and build up from there.

Using this method, you can learn enough basic Spanish to get by in Latin America in about two weeks. I should know - it's what I did.

Invest an extra six weeks, and you can be conversational in Spanish. Again - I should know.

Get To Learning!

Learning Spanish as a second language is one of the most rewarding experiences you can provide for yourself, if you follow the right steps and teach yourself properly. Good luck!

Cheap travel, amazing food, wonderful people. . .

No more excuses!

Follow my advice and learn Spanish in just a few short weeks using the methods that researchers and thousands of others have proven to just WORK

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