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Tell Me About the Best Spanish Intensive Courses!

Noah M. Benjamin

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There are a number of different types of Spanish intensive courses that will help you learn the Spanish language quickly and easily. However, before you choose a course, you have to understand how the human brain learns new languages!

The reason for this is simple. There are many, many reasons to learn Spanish. For me, it was the cheap vacation options that lured me into the language. For others, it's better job opportunities. Others still may have loved ones who speak the language.

But if you enter into an intensive Spanish course without understanding how your brain prefers to learn new languages, you will burn out quickly, I guarantee.

You will start off enthusiastic, but then get exhausted with the amount of work you have to do, simply because you'll be studying the wrong way.

So What's The Right Way To Study?

I want you to consider a newborn baby for a moment.

That baby is brought into this world with no language knowledge and no ability to take language classes.

But by age 2, that baby is speaking her first language.

This is because the baby has naturally used the brain's preferred method of learning - language immersion.

Language Immersion

Language immersion is the process of surrounding yourself with something and allowing your brain to subconsciously learn for you.

This is actually the brain's preferred method of learning. The human brain is wired to solve patterns, and language is just another pattern to it.

What this means is that language learning is actually a relatively easy process - if you follow the right steps.

The Right Steps To Learning A New Language

Do not “study" the language in the traditional manner. What I mean is, don't break it down like a high school Spanish class would.

Instead, utilize methods that speak basic Spanish to you at first, and let you figure out what is being said. It is better to let the brain solve these “puzzles" than to be told what they are.

Slowly ramp up the difficulty as you get better and better.

There are many language immersion programs for your computer that will put you through this exact process. I've used a few with amazing success.

Even consider audio programs in your car that have you speak Spanish out loud.

What Does This All Mean?

If you want to learn Spanish, keep in mind how your brain prefers to learn. If you're taking any Spanish intensive courses, you will see lots of success by using the tips mentioned in this article.

Cheap travel, amazing food, wonderful people. . .

No more excuses!

Follow my advice and learn Spanish in just a few short weeks using the methods and Spanish intensive courses that researchers and thousands of others have proven to just WORK


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