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Is There an Intensive Spanish Course I Can Do at Home?

Noah M. Benjamin

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Did you know you can take an intensive Spanish course from the comfort of your home? In fact, the best methods of learning Spanish are usually not found in a classroom.

Using the right methods, you can learn basic Spanish in only two or three weeks. You can be conversational in about two months.

There are hundreds of reasons for wanting to take an intensive Spanish course. The opportunities that the Spanish language open up for both young and old are huge. It never hurts to know the world's third most common language.

But if you follow the wrong methods to learning Spanish, you will not only learn very little of the language, but you'll come to hate the learning process, too.

The Brain's Preferred Method of Learning

Let's try a little experiment.

Think back to when you were a baby. (Or at least use your imagination. )

You didn't know any language. You weren't able to take any language classes, obviously.

But you were speaking your first language pretty well by age 2.

How was that possible?

As a baby, you let your brain take over. And your brain preferred learning through immersion.

(In fact, this is what your brain still prefers - but most people ignore this. )

What Is Immersion?

Immersion is the process of surrounding yourself with a subject, and letting your brain do all the work, subconsciously learning it for you.

When you were a baby, you were surrounded with your first language everywhere you went. And, because of that, your brain noticed a pattern and figured it all out with very little conscious work.

This is the brain's preferred method of learning. It is wired to find patterns and puzzles and to solve them subconsciously.

The Best Way To Learn Spanish

Whether you are young or old, immersion is the absolute best method of learning a new language like Spanish.

Most kids in the United States are made to spend at least two years learning a language in high school. And most kids in the United States can only speak one language coming out of high school.

How can millions of people spend TWO YEARS learning a language, and all fail to retain any of it?

Because they go through “traditional" Spanish courses which are ineffective and make them come to hate learning Spanish.

If these courses used immersion, they could make students nearly fluent in one year.

Weighing Your Options

I definitely recommend taking an intensive Spanish course, if you can a) afford it, and b) if it features immersion techniques.

Otherwise, I would consider using software or audio learning, both at home and in your car. It is far cheaper and will give you the same intensive “immersion" process.

Whatever you do, whether you take an intensive Spanish course in school or at home, make sure that it features immersion techniques!

Cheap travel, amazing food, wonderful people. . .

No more excuses!

Follow my advice and learn Spanish in just a few short weeks using the methods and intensive Spanish courses that researchers and thousands of others have proven to just WORK


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