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Romantic Spanish Phrases

Noah M. Benjamin

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Probably the best part about learning Spanish is learning all the romantic Spanish phrases. It is undeniable that Spanish is probably one of the most romantic-sounding languages in the world, and the ability to speak simple Spanish phrases to your loved one can spice up any situation. I'm going to try to give some basic romantic Spanish phrases in this article, as well as some words of warning about saying them correctly.

Romantic Spanish Phrases

Here are some common romantic Spanish phrases.

te quiero = I love you (literally means “I want you")
te amo = I love you (you really mean it!)
Sólo puede pensar en ti = I can only think of you
Te adoro = I adore you
Mi tesoro = My treasure

These should be a good start for you.

A Word of Warning

Hopefully you know about the character “Borat". If you don't, go to YouTube right now and watch some videos of him - you'll laugh, but you'll also get my following point. Borat doesn't speak English natively, and often tries to say sexy things in English but they come out sounding ridiculous. If you don't learn how to speak basic Spanish before you try using those phrases above, you will sound like Borat! Even if your loved one doesn't know Spanish, you will sound ridiculous trying to say the above phrases. You have been warned!

I've found that I can impress the loved ones in my life far, far easier by actually speaking full phrases in Spanish. Simple two-word expressions only go so far, but actually speaking complete sentences in Spanish can melt anyone's heart.

I recommend using Spanish learning software, like Rocket Spanish or the Rosetta Stone, to build at least a little bit of a base in Spanish. Using the simple Spanish you learn from programs like these will improve your love life FAR more than a few simple Spanish phrases.

Hey, let me know if the romantic Spanish phrases worked for you!

You can teach yourself Spanish quickly and easily, with the right resources. Find out for FREE what the top language students use to quickly pick up new languages.


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