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Learn to Speak French


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You go to France and you struggle to speak their language - doesn't it annoy you?

People don't realise that in a matter of fact the French language is really easy to learn. The only problem is some people find it hard to pronounce. We do struggle to pronounce words at the back of our throats because we don't do it in English.

These are simple words in French in brackets it shows you how you should pronounce according to the alphabet we know. Try to flare it up as bit with a French accent as best as you can!

Bonjour (bon jure) - Hello

Au revoir (au hiv waar) -Bye

merci (mer si)-Thank you

Sil vous plait (si vew play)-Please

oui (wee)-Yes

non (non)-No

Je m'appelle (jur ma pelle)-My name is

Comment t'appelle tu? (commay tap elle two)-What is your name?

un (un)-1

deux (dur)-2

trois (twa)-3

quatre (cat)-4

cinq (sank)-5

six (siz)-6

sept (set)7

huit (weat)-8

neuf (nerf) -9

dix (dees)-10

Je parle l'anglais (jer parl lang lay)- I speak english

It really is easy to learn and the problem is we don't speak their language like they speak our it really isn't fair on them.

There are many different courses that you can take and you can speak french really quickly it honestly is not that hard.

Most of the French and English words are similar in a sense like grand means big in french however we describe things as grand in English the only difference is that they pronounce the ‘A’ as the english would pronounce a ‘o’. Also we say people are petite and the word for small in French is petite but they pronounce they ‘ite’ as if they said ‘eat’ at they end where as we say it with just a ‘e’.

It is so easy to learn!

Also if you speak two languages then it makes people think or even know that you are a intelligent person. Two languages are way better then just the one! Therefore three are better then two. With learning French you are almost half way there to speaking Spanish or Italian as its almost the same words just pronounced differently.

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