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The Language of Romance, Spanish


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The Spanish language is said to be the language of romance. The language originated in the northern parts of Spain soon covering the whole of Spain and was the main language used by the government and the trading industry. Since then the Spanish language has spread to parts of Africa, America and places in Asia along with many little islands like the Canary Islands.

500 Million people speak Spanish and it is thought to be the third most spoken language in the world with the Chinese language just in front and the English language coming first as the most spoken language in the world.

A lot of people compare the Italian and Spanish languages. As a linguist I disagree with this hypotheses as they are spoken completely differently however the words are in a way similar.

I believe that Spanish is the most important language to learn as far as Social life is concerned because the most popular destinations are Spanish.

Its important for us to learn their language because it does actually help and if you speak Spanish some weird resorts actually help you more than if you were to not speak Spanish. It makes your holiday a whole lot more interesting.

I have included some simple Spanish phrases that will help you get around a Spanish destination here they are. Remember the Spanish, French and Italian never pronounce the ‘H’ as its always always silent and they never pronounce the ‘S’ at the end of a word. In Brackets it shows you how the word or phrase should be pronounced. Try to make it sound good and put on a Spanish accent!!

Hello-Hola-(O. la)

Goodbye-Adiós-(a. dios)

Please-Por favor-(por. vav. or)

Yes-sí-(si. )

No-no-(no. )

Thank you-Gracias-(gla. si. ass)

Excuse me-Perdón-(per. don)

Sorry-Lo siento-(lo. sien. to)

Spanish-español-(es. pan. yol)

English-Ingles-(In. glease)

I do not understand-No entiendo-(no. en. tien. do)

Do you speak English?-Hablas Ingles?-(A. gles)

Good morning-Buenos dias- (bwen. nos. di'as)

Good Afternoon-Buenos Tardes-(Bwen . nos. tar.des)

The bill-La quenta-(lar. quen. tar)

I think you could really benefit from learning Spanish and will be really good at speaking Spanish!

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Spanish Language - The Best Way To Learn Spanish
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