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Learn to Speak Italian and Its History


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Like the Spanish, the Italian language is again described as a language of romance. Spoken by over 60 million people. Obviously it is mainly spoken in Italy, Sicily and the Vatican city. However, in Switzerland, Italian is classed as a official language with it being in the top four main languages.

We often think of Italian as a old language and that is because it is. It is the only ‘romance’ language that keeps its contrast between long and short consonants. Contrasting between long and short consonants was used in the language of Latin that is why we consider Italian as been a old language.

Italian is considered to be similar to the Spanish language however deistically the French language is more similar. French has a similarity of 89% to the Italian language and the Spanish language is behind that with a similarity to the Italian language of 82%. It is affectionately called il parlar gentile (the gentle language) by its speakers.

Here are some simple phrases that will help you get around in Italy and speak the Italian language. Just like Spanish and French you must never pronounce your ‘H’ and never pronounce the ‘S’ at the end of a word. The brackets are there if the word/phrase is hard too pronounce and you should read it like you would do in English. Try and use a Italian accent with it.



Thank you-Grazie-(grat. zee)



My name is-mi chiamo-(me. key. arm. o)

I'm sorry, I don't speak Italian-Mi dispiace, non parlo italiano-(me. dis. pee. art. chay. non. parl. o. Italiano)

Where is the toilet?-Dove è il bagno?-(Du. vay. e. eel. banyo. )

Welcome-Benvenuto-(ben. ven. uw. toe)

Do you speak English?-Parla Inglese-(parl. glese)

The hotel-Une albergo-(une. al.berg. oh)

where is?. . . -Dov'e-(Dov. aay)

Its a great language don't you agree? One should be very happy and i strongly advise you to learn a language weather it be this one or French or Spanish. Its what suits you at the end.

Click Here! to learn Italian quickly and easily. Click Here! for Spanish and French!


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Italian Language - 10 Lessons to Learn Italian Language - Nouns
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