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Learn Basic French Words - All Your Questions About The French Language Answered! Part I


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I receive many questions about the French language like what is the best way to learn French, or how can I become fluent? Beginners often ask the same questions again and again, and I decided to answer to many of these here.

I will just list the questions and give the answer below. Now, grab a pen and a piece of paper because you are going to learn basic French words and sentences and get a lot of tips as well.

1. How do you say yes in French?

There are several ways to say yes, from the simple ‘oui’ to ‘mouais’.

2 How to speak french online?

Just search in Google. You can type this question, and the search engines will help you out. You can also type “learn French online".

3. How to learn French fast?

Good question. I'm afraid it's wrong though. You are not going to learn this complex language fast. All you can do is learn the basics in a few weeks or months.

4. How to speak with a French accent?

This will not be easy, but you want to try. I am fluent in English, and still, I don't have the accent after years. One of my friends (from France) is fluent and speaks like an English native speaker.

I found that taking the accent is one of the hardest thing to do when you learn a new language. It will vary according to the person. Some will get it fast while for others, it will be a long adventure.

5. How to learn French online free for kids?

Kids learn faster than adults. Just perform a search in Google and you will have all the results you need.

Want to Learn French Fast ? Visit

Franck Silvestre is a French native who helps others who want to learn to speak french online.


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Learning French - French Words You Didn't Know You Knew!
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