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Reasons To Learn Spanish - Expand Your Mind, Improve Your Work Skills, Communicate Clearly

Kelly L Smith

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There are lots of reasons to learn Spanish. It may be for business or travel, for intellectual development, because you're taking a class, to fulfill a personal aspiration, for a romantic relationship, or for sentimental reasons if you have a Hispanic family heritage.

Whatever the personal motivation, there are also some compelling benefits from learning Spanish.

1. You will have the skills to communicate with over 320 million people around the globe who speak Spanish.

2. Learning Spanish is a lot of fun! It's a chance to experience new music, food, dance styles, and culture. Knowing Spanish will help you enjoy works of art and literature from great Spanish speaking writers in the original language. You can watch foreign films from Spain or Latin America without relying on the subtitles, and you can understand the words of Spanish songs.

3. It will help you to communicate in the workplace with your Spanish-speaking co-workers or employees. Most Spanish-speaking employees do not really want to translate for you.

4. Learning Spanish may help you to get a better or higher paying job. It may also provide more job security with a valuable skill. Translators are in high demand in the educational and health fields, as well as for the court system and government agencies.

5. Learning Spanish is good for business. If you sell products or services, being able to speak Spanish will allow you to increase your business among the 35 million Spanish speaking people who live in the United States, or among the millions of Spanish-speakers in Europe or Central and South America.

6. Learning Spanish helps you develop your critical thinking skills. Being bilingual means seeing the world through more than one cultural “filter. " This skill helps you to become more aware of cultural interactions on many different levels.

7. There are health benefits. Learning Spanish may help you avoid memory related illnesses. Studies show that bilingual people have better memory motor skills as they age and are less prone to diseases such as Alzheimer's.

8. Learning Spanish makes acquiring the next foreign language easier. Learning a foreign language aids in developing a new set of mental, social, and cultural skills. This newfound awareness often carries over to learning other languages. This is especially true with other Romance languages such as Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian or even ancient Latin. They will seem like “cousins" to the Spanish you've already learned!

9. Learning Spanish is a great family activity. It can help your children develop new skills which they can use later in life. It also give you an opportunity to spend quality time with them doing something you can all enjoy. Kids tend to learn new languages quickly, and it helps them to develop an awareness of a bigger world out there to experience and enjoy.

10. And the top reason to learn Spanish - It will help you to experience and enjoy one of the warmest and richest cultures on earth - the Latino culture!

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