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Some Free Tools to Use for Referencing Your Assignment

Albert Barkley

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This is the time when most of the students have a lot of academic assessments to do and they are getting more instructions for the bundle of new assignments. And most of students who are done with the course work of their master’ study and now going to start their dissertation. There can be a few who are done with the research and almost of writing but confused with the referencing of resources of literature for dissertation. Today I am writing this piece of paper for all of you. This article is going to tell you how to manage a wide range of sources including academic, professional and online sources. Now! You do not have to be worried about in-text citation of articles, books and websites in your dissertation. The final reference list making is also going to be easy for you without a single mistake of any comma, inverted comma or full stop. Whatever referencing style you are supposed to use in your assignment will be easy after reading this article. This guideline for referencing of assignment include these key points those you need to read carefully and if you have time then practice before using in an actual assignment;


These are sources from where we got the information for writing an assignment or literature of a new study. This information can be from a book, journal article, new paper article, a blog post, website, a video or any other online source. Once you are done with the information then you need to add the sources in your writing to prove that why your points are strong and who has said this. Using information without referencing is going to make your writing plagiarized that is a piracy. There are software those can detect the plagiarism in a writing so adding in-text citation and a bibliography list is important. For this purposes there are different standard references styles those can be used for referencing sources in assignment. Widely used referencing styles are Harvard, APA, Chicago, MLA and ISO. References can be added as in-text citation or an end/foot note.

You can add these references automatically in Microsoft word file by clicking on the button of references and then choose a style by clinking on the button of style and click on insert citation. Where, you will see a list and click on add new sources option. Then a pop-up will appear and you have to fill the sections including author name, title, date of publication and many other. The required field list in the pop-up varies for different styles like one style requires writing only the year of publication and other requires to add the month and date as well. When you have inserted all the information in required fields then click OK and an in-text citation will appear. If you don’t know how to use then there are some dissertation writing services websites where you can find some samples to view how professionals add reference list.

Types of In-text Citation and References:

In-text citation is required to quote someone else words or results of his/her research. There are different styles for adding a direct and indirect quote in your text. An indirect quote is that how you write or relate someone else’ words in your way and you insert a citation at the end of line that normally looks like (ABC, 2016). A direct quote is adding same word as was said or written by the author of those words and a citation is inserted after the paragraph or sentence.

Footnotes and Endnotes:

There are some courses or assignments those require to add footnotes or endnotes instead of an in-text citation. Normally law assignments are required to be done in this format. The footnote appears at the end of each paper of your assignment that reflects the sources used in writing that particular page of the assignment. This is different and sometimes considered as difficult referencing than in-text citation. You must ask your teacher behind choosing this referencing pattern and in case of confusion consult with them to eliminate the ambiguity. Footnotes and Endnotes make it easy to add description of some words or terms as well as to refer the quote of someone. While adding endnote or footnote you need to focus on the cursor because the number of endnote will appear at the same point where your cursor was. Select the place on the page where you want to insert the endnote number then go to the Reference button and click Insert Footnote or Endnote that you require. Cursor will automatically come to the end of page or assignment where you have to write the reference, or description as per required according to the instructions of assignment.

Bibliography or Reference List:

When you are done with in-text citation and final draft of writing the content of assignment then come at the end of your assignment. Click the reference button then click bibliography button and a list will appear including all sources those you have inserted in the word file. Keep it in your mind if you have inserted a reference in the text but late on removed from the text but it has not been removed from the final bibliography list. You need to check each reference to assure that either it is present in the text or not. If any reference is not in text then remove it by simply selecting the particular reference. Another important thing to ensure is that what can be the heading of final bibliography list because it differs for each style like for Harvard reference style heading is Reference List.

This can be chosen from the list below the Bibliography button in Micro soft office. Reference list must be at the end of each your assignment to assure that it is in you need to insert a page break after the completion of content of assignment. There are some technicalities those you need to consider while using Microsoft Word automatic referencing style. The most important is that if you have copied a reference from another MS word file that was also added in automatic referencing then it is automatically added in the new file you do not need to add it again.


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