The Added Advantage in African American Children's Education - Computer Home Schooling Part 3

Daviyd Peterson

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In our last article our subject was finding resources to homeschool african american children using the Internet and other avenues. In part 3 of 4 we will champion the use of computers to teach our african american children and prepare them for the future where computers will be involved in almost every aspect of our society.

Recent news came out that John Singleton, director of Boyz N the Hood has joined the ranks of other high profile directors in game design development. Video games these days, like the ones your children are probably playing are not only big business, but they also have small movies in them. These directors are becoming involved in video game design because it's a natural extension of their talents.

I'm mentioning this because if your child is playing video games now, with the proper development in the coming years they could be prepared for video game development. The first step is getting them used to using a computer and then adding other skills in software programs that will help them in the future. An example is a powerful graphics program Adobe Photoshop, getting them to dabble now while they are young (and my 9 year-old nephew is better at Photoshop than I am) and exposing them to a formal class later (he had the class) will put them on the road to careers that are way above the pay at your local burger place.

That is just one career example with computers in the industry, it would take a book to show you the ones available today. In the not too distant future computers will be part of our society even more as the computers become smaller and smaller and faster and faster. Not exposing your children to computers now will only harm them and make sure they are left behind with the digital divide growing each day.

A computer homeschool will develop chidlren who are not only computer literate, but able to install software, learn new software, know how to use the Internet for research and communication, know how to keep a computer network secure and other numerous benefits.

Remember this subject is worthy of more than just one article and therefore will be covered in a 4 part series. Feel free to review articles part 1 and part 2 for questions you may want to email to us. To receive notification of the publication of the rest of the series email us at or click on this link -

Members of our staff support African American computer homeschooling in their area and we have a slight favor to see computer homeschooling everywhere benefit from the advantages of a wireless network. We even have minority friends that work at major retailers in several states that are homeschooled and already have experienced having a wireless home.


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