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How Important Are Kids Imagination

Lynnette Thomas

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win a resort -childs imaginationTeaching effectively is not only about kids gaining information and knowledge, it’s about developing a child’s imagination and creativity.

Einstein appreciated his creativity gift more than his cognitive abilities. He said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. ” After all, nothing was expressed without someone first applying his or her imagination to solving a problem.

As an intellectual mechanism, creativity takes existing information and reintroduces it in various forms. It is the source of all creativity.

Very few people have an overindulgence of imagination, as most fear it and make an attempt to suppress it at all costs.

When a person dreams of things that never were, they are the best kind of dreams. While growing, children recreate situations in their mind, with themselves as the focus – the essence of all dreams.

Innovative ideas should be used in all subjects that are taught. The dry and boring can be made exciting, challenging and far more effective on long term memory. “How else could we. . ?” should be a teacher’s everyday thought pattern.

Here are twelve guidelines to enhance and help the learning process and release a child’s imagination through fun:

  1. The potential becomes endless when imagination is given free reign. Encourage it whenever possible.
  2. Thinking outside the norm is the major and most successful ingredient to problem solving.
  3. Do things in a variety of different ways, even to writing with the opposite hand, just for fun.
  4. Introduce the child to many different sorts of reading matter, which discovers worlds that are hugely different to the one the child resides in.
  5. Encourage the child to create their own story.
  6. See the world through the child’s eyes. A young boy who lived on an island off Australia, was travelling across to the mainland with his parents. As they landed he asked, “What’s the name of this island?” He had a totally different perspective to the adults.
  7. Help the child develop a different ending to a story, through ”What if…” questions.
  8. Nothing is what it seems. There are billions of galaxies in space, yet we see only a star studded sky. What appears solid matter to the naked eye is nothing more than a group of atoms.
  9. Don’t judge imagination, after all everything is probable, if not always possible. “How could that be achieved…?” is the key.
  10. Don’t supersede imagination with reality. Children will often enjoy the box a toy came in rather than the toy.
  11. Questions are more important than answers. Always encourage the process not the end product. It's the journey that is important, not the destination.
  12. Above all have fun and enjoy learning.

"Imagination is more important than t knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand" Einstein said .


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