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Abeka Home School Curriculum Is it Right For You?


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The Abeka Homeschool Curriculum is the most popular homeschool curriculum available. Almost everyone who has even thought about homeschooling has heard of it. The company is based in Pensacola Florida. There are pros and cons to anything that you purchase. Here are some pros and cons to consider when looking at Abeka:

Pros -

1. Christian based - Abeka weaves a Christian message throughout all it's texts.

2. They tell you exactly what to say and do with your child. You know exactly what needs to be accomplished for a certain day. You can purchase teachers manuals, tests, lesson plans and textbooks.

3. The books are easy to resell when you are done with them because many people are looking for used Abeka books.

4. Advanced material - If you are looking for an advanced and accelerated method of homeschooling your children, then Abeka will give you that. Their second grade material is equal to first grade public school material.

Cons -

1. High burn out rate - Because of the accelerated material and strict lesson plans, many parents find it too difficult to complete all the material.

2. Expense - Abeka books are one of the more expensive curriculums you can purchase.

3. Many of the textbooks have the student work right in the book. If you want to preserve your textbooks for younger children or for resell, you will need to have your children do their work on a separate sheet of paper.

4. Many students find the textbooks are not very interesting and are much like public school textbooks where the material is dry and dull. Many students also burn out on Abeka because they have a huge amount of material to read and do and sometimes can't complete everything that is required of them.

As with any home school curriculum, it is good to look over the pros and cons and make sure you look at reviews of curriculum and pray about what you believe God would want you to use to teach your children.

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Abeka Books Homeschool Beliefs and Methods
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