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10 Ways to Make Learning Math More Fun


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Sometimes kids find math to be difficult. They do not show interest in simple problems involving multiplication, division, subtraction. Sometimes, mathematics becomes boring for them, simply because they find it hard. However, math should not be a problem for any child. Therefore, we have provided ten ways that will make math easy for children. These are little games and activities that kids like the most.

1. Whenever parents go to the local stores to shop, kids can calculate the tax they have to pay for the groceries that have been purchased. Children can also figure out the total cost of goods, by adding up the price of individual items that they have bought.

2. Dividing a pizza can be a great way to teach math. Kids can divide it among their family members. A good question that you could ask your children is: If your family consists of four members then how many pizza pieces will each person get? This is a simple and interesting activity to make division easy to learn.

3. Kids can calculate the number of pairs of different shoes in the house and then multiply the total number of shoes to the total number of pairs. By this method they can easily learn multiplication. They can choose any thing that you like. For example, they can make groups of chocolate candies. For instance, if each group has four candies and there are three groups then ‘What is the total number of the candies'? Children can sort this out by counting them.

4. Children like watching television shows. They can make it more interesting by counting down the time of each commercial break and the time of the show by a stop watch. When the show ends, they can see how much time was given to commercials and how much to the show. This activity will make it easier for children to learn how to subtract things.

5. Kids who are computer literate can play various games that can make mathematics easier for them. These games consist of math drills so that children can easily learn math formulas that they find very boring or difficult to learn.

6. Math is not any thing abstract. It relates to our life in many ways. For example, if you have twelve candies and you have to divide them among four friends, how many does each person get? You will certainly divide them by giving one candy to each of your friends until the candies are finished. This is how you can learn math and have fun.

7. At early stages, you should practice only simple activities. When you have learned basic math skills then you can start slightly more complex activities with cards and pens. Practice only those activities that you are interested in. It will make the learning process much more effective.

8. Help your mom while cooking different recipes. You will learn measurement of various cooking ingredient. If you want to make this activity a bit difficult, take double or half the measurements of your recipe. It will give you a little challenge and a good recreational activity.

9. The things in your house have different shapes and you can learn about them by counting the sides of each shape.

10. You can become a master of mathematics by practicing various activities described here. Drilling helps a lot in math. Keep up a steady progress and increase your level of difficulty every now and then. You have to remain in touch with what you have already learned. If you don't do multiplication or subtraction regularly, they will become difficult for you. Without constant practice, math will become a boring subject for you. Remember math plays an important role in our lives. Our every day life is influenced by Math. There is mathematics in everything ranging from traveling to cooking. Therefore, spend some time practicing math problems every day.

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