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How to Make 2nd Grade Reading Fun


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Teaching your child to love reading and having him or her dread the process can be quite frustrating. It can make you feel as though you are doing something wrong and your child will never love to read.

First of all, it is important to stop worrying. There are plenty of great ways to help your child with his or her 2nd grade reading.

Read Daily:

One way that works really well is finding an engaging and fun chapter book and reading a few chapters with your child every day. This lets your child use his or her imagination by picturing what is going on in the book and helps them to realize that reading is fun and that you don't have to have pictures in the book to enjoy it.

Reading to your child daily will improve his or her reading skills, and get them on track to reading their whole lives long. This is an important quality time activity that you and your child can do to help with 2nd grade reading.

What if My Child Doesn't Like Reading?

Most of the time it isn't because your child does not like to read, but because he or she is struggling and is getting frustrated. Some children have trouble with reading despite their best efforts and it can be very disheartening to experience. It can come to the point where your child dreads reading, but if you show them how fun 2nd grade reading can be, they will no longer dread it.

Try implementing games in with the reading. For example, pick a word such as ‘book, ’ and every time you or your child reads a word that rhymes with it, yell, ‘RHYME. ’ You can do any kind of silly thing you can think of to make it enjoyable for your child.

Instead of making them feel as though reading is school work, why not let your child start by reading comic books? They may not be the most educational things to read, but at least it will start getting your child interested in reading for fun instead of school.

If Your Child is Having Trouble Reading:

A lot of children have trouble when they are learning how to read. There are some great tips that you can utilize to help your children with their 2nd grade reading.

- Follow the words with your finger. Point out each one as you read it. This does a few things. Your child will get accustomed to different words and what they look and sound like. It will also teach your child that reading goes from left to right.

- Practice the sounds of the letters. Each day, have your child find 10 or so items that begin with each letter of the alphabet. This is a fun game and gets them used to the sounds of letters and helps with identifying letters.

- Have a weekly vocabulary word. Have your child write it down, and practice spelling and reading it every day.

Want to save money on your homeschool programs? Visit Used Homeschool Curriculum to snatch up great deals on used curriculum and to discover more about different homeschooling options. You can help make 2nd grade reading fun for your child if you slow down, take a deep breath, and have fun with it. Take your time, and allow your child as much time as he or she needs. Reading is an amazing thing, and soon your child will think so too.


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