Do We Really Need Schools?


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The babies give their first cry untaught and no one teaches them to take the suck. The birds fly and the fishes swim and nobody has seen a school where these creatures were taught to do so. The flocks of birds, which fly overhead in certain formations apparently, led efficiently by one of them and yet there is nobody to train them for it. They learn it by themselves and there is neither a trainer nor a school from where they take their lessons.

The early humans too were as efficient and ‘creative’ as the present ones.

Infact, intelligence doesn’t evolve from schooling but schooling just teaches us how to apply our intelligence in various streams. The simple wooden bow and arrow made by our ancestors was a remarkable creation, made just using their brains, which was ‘enough’ for that time. As time swept away, the present environment demanded more from us thus leading to the creation of the modern pistols and submachine guns.

Simply admiring these machine and laser guns and the present schooling system, we can’t in any sense say that we are more intelligent than our ancestors. Maybe they were far better than we were.

Who knows? In this context then, what is the use of schooling? Really, do we need schools?

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