Some Different Financial Adviser Jobs

Lora Davis

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Financial advisor jobs provide the support to institutional and retail investors that are tied to growing and preserving money. The advice that they give can be tied to investing in the financial market, which includes stocks and bonds. The advice could include counsel on writing a last will and testament and estate planning. There are many different financial adviser jobs that help to make up the industry of financial services. These jobs can include full-service brokers, money managers, or wealth managers, who all oversee large amount of money.

Full-service stockbrokers

These professionals are certified to offer advice about investing and to trade financial securities, all on the behalf of investors.

Money managers

These are the professionals who oversee the assets on behalf of their investors. When there are assets from multiple investors they are put together so the money managers can direct the assets using various strategies into different securities in the financial market. If you pursue one of these financial advisor jobs you will have to make investment decisions on behalf of their many investors along with buying and selling securities as opportunities arise. A money manager often has a benchmark or performance expectation that they must reach in order to earn a sufficient profit.

Wealth managers

An individual may engage these professionals to advise them on various aspects of financial security. This professional may have much to do with referrals or existing relationships. They will also frequently advise their clients on what percentage of an investment portfolio to direct into real estate, stocks, and bonds or asset allocation. The professionals who work in these financial advisor jobs can also provide the framework for individuals to pay for tax implications, estate planning, and retirement.

In conclusion

For financial advisor jobs you will have to take two exams and pass before you can be licensed. No special education is needed but it will help if you go to college and get a degree in business, finance, or accounting. The exams are administered so that brokers can physically visit with their clients and allows them to work in brick-and-mortar buildings. You could also be employed by an online brokerage, where communication is done via telephone or by internet. You will find these jobs at independent firms that could or could not be a subsidiary of a larger brand or be located within big financial institutions. Some financial advisors may charge layers of fees to their clients but it depends on which type of investment vehicles is managed. The fees charged are based on different criteria. For example, a mutual fund manager charges fees that are based on the value of assets that they oversee for their investors. You can find these details in a the fund’s regulatory document.

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