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Widespread College Essay Writing Hardships

Nataly Perekhrest

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Essay writing requires patience, awareness of the topic, numerous skills and attention. This is the fact, which does not need any proofs and each student, who has ever written an essay, will certainly agree on this fact. While essay writing skills of students and the topics of their papers differ a lot, there is a list of common problems students encounter almost each time working on their written papers. Are you excited to find out what these problems are? If so, then take your time to read the article till the end.

Common Essay Writing Hardships

Regardless of the style, type and topic of an essay you are expected to write, get ready to the process with attention and persistence. The process of writing is never simple and you have to be prepared to it well unless you are required to write a quick essay, of course. Awareness of the widespread pitfalls plays an important role here by helping you cope with the task successfully and on time.

1. Ways to Start an Essay

Getting started is always difficult, no matter what you do. When it comes to writing essays, the start seems to be even more responsible and crucial. According to the research conducted by the US experts, students, who get involved into the writing process without preliminary preparation, are more likely to fail. This is because they spend much time pondering over the plan, the structure of the work, the topic and ideas instead of starting writing.

2. Absence of the Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is one sentence, which is typically placed at the end of the 1st or the 2nd paragraph. The main point of writing a thesis statement is to express the major idea of an essay. Obviously, this sentence should be concise, clear, simple and understandable. It should sound persuasive and adhere to the major idea you wish to convey. To make the thesis statement a focal point of your written paper, experts recommend thinking it over even before you start writing an essay.

3. Use of Complex Language

Everyone knows that an essay should be written in the formal style. That is why, the prevailing amount of students try their best effort to avoid slang words, colloquialisms and those speech patterns that are used in everyday life. Instead, they believe that the use of complex language is more preferable and will give their written papers formal look. This is a widespread mistake. Experts point out that it is much better to use simple and clear vocabulary, which will be understandable to the reader.

4. Failure Concerns

It goes without saying that essay writing is always associated with stress, fatigue and insecurity. That’s quite normal. Students feel unsure about their writing abilities and pay too much attention to this fact. As a result, many of them end up making many mistakes. If you also feel lack of confidence, but still wish to write a successful and high quality essay, you can start writing it with a draft. This will make you feel more confident about the result. If you have time, you can ask your teacher or professor to have a look at your paper to be on the safe side.

5. Insufficient Writing Skills

Proper essay writing process involves the sufficient amount of writing abilities. The latter include grammar and language skills, awareness of the topic and writing requirements as well as the knowledge of punctuation and the existing writing styles. Without these and other writing skills, you will hardly be able to gain academic success.

6. Incorrect Citations

Writing an essay in unthinkable without including citations and enlisting the sources you have used when working on your paper. This is where many students encounter problems just because they don’t know how to cite properly. Incorrect citations, in their turn, may be the cause of plagiarism, which is always strictly punished in all the cases. Even if you have included plagiarized text or citations unintentionally, this will sound like a lame excuse. To prevent this from happening, always take your time to study the rules of proper citation and text formatting requirements.

To sum it up, working on a long or quick essay is a challenge, irrespective of its topic, requirements and deadlines. To become successful in essay writing, you should be aware of the most widespread mistakes and ways of avoiding them. Just learn this info once and consider it each time working on your written paper.


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