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An essay is, probably, one of the most popular and frequently written tasks in schools and higher educational establishments. Essays come in a variety of types, topics and are written with various purposes. An essay may be a part of a standard educational process and it may also be written for people applying to universities or even serious degrees. Correspondingly, essays may feature versatile requirements and be of diverse priority levels. Regardless of this fact, each essay should be taken seriously in order to be written correctly. Further, we will focus on essays that are written in the process of passing school entrance exams.

You may be surprised to find out that an essay may be sometimes needed to be admitted to the high school. Meanwhile, this is really so. While the prevailing amount of high schools are public and there is usually no necessity to write an essay to get there, there are also private high schools. This is where you will not, probably, go without completing your essay tasks.

And it is no wonder, because prestigious schools accept only those students, who are knowledgeable, smart, responsible, talented and goal-driven. So, if you have all these characteristics and have adopted a decision to enroll into a private high school, here are some tips for you on how to cope with your essay task and be admitted to the high school with excellent results.

The first thing you should know is that these essays are the best opportunity for you to demonstrate your writing skills, express your creativity and write something that will make you stand out from the crowd. In other words, this is the chance, which should not be overlooked. While there are high schools, which do not limit the list of topics to be chosen for an essay, the prevailing amount of them still consider it important to provide a list of topics, thus narrowing your choice. While working on your essay, pay attention to the following recommendations:

Focus on the Task

You should understand that essay tasks differ and it is impossible to tell how lucky you will be to get the task you actually wanted to write about. This especially concerns essays that come with a precise choice of topics. On the one hand, the list of topics makes it easier for you to select something you are interested in. On the other hand, though, there is always the possibility that you won’t know how to write any of these topics and this is what can seriously puzzle you. Meanwhile, you won’t have time to be puzzled or confused. So, whatever the topic of your essay is, try to focus on it and distract from other thoughts.

What’s more, you are likely to be given a task to write an essay with a limited amount of words. This may become another problem, which makes the choice of the most suitable topic a number one point as well. The thing is that if you choose the topic you like and know much about, the limited amount of words won’t allow you to express all your thoughts effectively. Likewise, the topic, which is unknown to you, may become a disaster, because you will still have to stick to the word count. So, the tip is as follows here: to avoid these potential problems, just focus on the topic of your essay from the first minutes you find it out. Develop the main thought or ask the main question and select 3-5 most persuasive arguments to prove the idea or answer the question. Don’t forget about making a brief outline first. As soon as you start writing, you will realize that it is not that scary as it could initially seem.

Stay Organized

Writing a high quality, persuasive, informative and engaging essay requires serious organization. No matter what happens around, don’t distract from your work. Organize your thoughts, recollect everything you know about the topic and write a plan of it (or an outline, as mentioned above). There is no need to be in a hurry: when you are organized, you will cope with the task on time. When writing a plan, don’t forget about the main points and the sub-points. The structure of your essay is important, so, take your time to think it over. If possible, practice to write such essays in advance. There are special online services, like FastEssay that offer students and pupils professional essay-writing help. Just look through the samples of their essays, the tips they offer at their website and other information you can find there. Try to write several essays on different topics on your own and ask someone (your teacher, for example) to check them for you. This will help you feel more confident during your exam.

Make an Impression

The major task of your high school entrance essay is creating an impression. So, try to make it informative, positive and include your personal experience and point of view, where they look appropriate. Don’t be shy to tell about yourself. If you have nice qualities and traits of character that may help you write a perfect essay, then why not use them to make the admission committee impressed and interested in your personality? Good luck with your essay!


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Essay Topic Selection Tips That Will Kick-start Your Essay Writing
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