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Environment Essay: Save Environment-Save Earth

Shristy Chandran

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It is the presence of living and non living things that an environment constitutes. It can be classified as natural environment and Built environment. These things have to be essentially discussed in an environment essay. In actual parlance if one has to describe a natural environment it is one that has natural existence and the built is one that man is responsible for like the dams cities etc. One can get more information from the Nature and Environment Essay.

Today built environment is overtaking natural environment and polluting our earth. Humans cause more pollution than the environmental causes like a volcanic eruption. The environmental degeneration is happening only due to the callous and detrimental attitude of the humans. People are destroying the environment for there own interest and the surrounding is getting polluted. A paper on Environment must have the causative factors responsible for the destruction of the ecosystem.

Humans are born and live in an environment they are adjusted to and any modification in this causes them to difficulties in routine living. The Environment built by humans has become more noteworthy than the natural ones in todays times. There is a lot of environmental peril that has been responsible for the problems associated with mother earth like Global warming Land degradation pollution etc.

Global Warming is defined as the increase in the average temperature of the earth near surface air and ocean since the mid 20th century and its projected continuation. The main cause of global warming is the emission of green house gases which trap in the sun’s infrared rays in the earth’s atmosphere, which in turn heat up the earth’s atmosphere. The Global Warming Essay can be read to get more particulars about Global Warming.

A writer needs to specify the causes that affect the environmental corrosion. It is the growth in population and also the economic advancement that has added to pollution as well. It is very vital that one tries to comprehend the importance of ecological balance in the whole environment as it has an impact not only on the living things but also on the non living things.

One needs to definitely specify the causes for the various kinds of environmental issues and what can be done about it. Everyone must make their own efforts to bring down the consumption of petroleum. We need to consider the products that have been made using petroleum so that their usage can be reduced. One has to take all the required action to keep a tab on dreadful conditions in the environment. You may consider trying any of the things like shift to a more fuel efficient vehicle make use of paper bags try to eonomize by using the car pool or public transport go by walk or use a bicycle recycle things etc to bring down the pollution.

It is the responsibility of every person in checking the causes that affect the environmental disaster and play a positive role in improving it and these things have also got to be mentioned. Do understand the importance of a healthy environment and that it is for our own benefit to protect it and take measures to make the planet clean and green because as the proverb says “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”. Looking for further assistance in environment essay or its style, then check regularly for the updates in our directories on web. You can also seek assistance on custom essays .


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