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Understanding the June 2008 LSAT What Was Your Score?


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Are you wondering how you did on the June 2008 LSAT test? You'll know soon enough as the scores start getting mailed out beginning on July 7, 2008. In the meantime enjoy the summer and don't panic too much.

This article will provide you with some fantastic resources that test takers should know about.

If you're worried about how you did on the test you are over reacting big time. Law school applications are generally way down in law schools throughout the United States and this has been the trend for the last few years. This means that minimum LSAT scores and minimum GPAs (and averages) of the incoming classes of 2008-08 will be lower than what you will find published by U. S. News and World Report and by the schools themselves. Thus, this is the time to aim high and apply for schools that you feel might otherwise be out of your league.

Plus, if you are a second time test taker or are really concerned that you won't get into a top law school, there are a few simple steps you can take that will help you going forward.

First, visit the various LSAT blogs for law school admission and LSAT advice. These sites will give you the tips you need to gain entrance to top law schools in the United States. They are easy to find - just Google the word “LSAT".

Second, research potential law schools at sites like Somewhere there is the perfect law school for you all you need to do is find it.

With these tips in mind you're ready to begin your journey as a law student. Good luck!

Jeffrey Weir is a consultant, author and law school expert. His site about law school admissions tactics has helped countless students get into their top choice schools.


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