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Five Ways on How to Compete With Other MBA Graduates to Find the Job You Want

J.J. Yong

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Business leaders are made, not born. They are made by education and experience, by circumstance, by a mix of luck and skill and by the aid of very smart supporters. If you grasp the concept that you have learned in top business schools, you will have the values that you can find among business leaders and you will be able to make through the obstacles in this dynamic business world.

As a matter of fact, number of MBA graduates gradually increased since distance learning had been introduced by several top business schools in which most of the students were from different countries. This increment has caused redundancy of graduates and underpaid issues due to massive competition in current job hunt.

Getting the job you want is totally impossible when more of those hungry job hunters like you, are competing with you.

You will get these solutions directly or indirectly from an online MBA course.

1. Look at your personal objectives

Personally, you need to set your own goals to accomplish your own mission or task - which are focus on the final outcome. For example, while you are earning your business post-graduate course, the final outcome is to complete this course within given amount of time. If you are able to complete within certain duration, it is time to set new goals for your next task - in this case, you need to find a job that suits your preferences after your graduation, then the final outcome is that you will be able to get your dream job - with high-pay salary and complete room for development.

2. Build your communication skills

Having good communication skills able to help you to build business contacts as most of students from IE business school (also known as Instituto de Empresa from Madrid, Spain) usually do within two residential periods throughout the whole course. If you are having an online MBA course in IE business school, you can build networks and attend workshops and seminars within this 16-month study duration. Therefore, you can consider taking a vacation for the residential period to enjoy making friends and contacts which benefit your study and working process.

3. Face harder obstacles

Sometimes exam questions, assignments and quizzes for online learning are indeed difficult than normal mode of study. Based on that, you will be able to face more challenges in which it is a good practice of making rapid decision and developing efficient management skills. These skills are required in A-list business organizations.

4. Don't be a slave to money and other people's time

The most important reason that a company wants to hire you - is that you can boost their sales and increase efficiency in their working environment. If you are able to handle your time between study and work, you will be able to get things done as soon as possible which increase productivity of your work.

This is usually happens on students who are having an online MBA course on a part-time basis without leaving their full-time job. With the flexible time of study, you will able to accomplish two main things at the same day in which you can develop a stress-free working habit. As long as you can deliver significant results in the end with less time, you do not have to work eight hours on daily basis. The most important thing is that you can achieve more by doing less (based on the Paretto rule or 80-20 rule).

5. Walk the talk, not talk the walk!

It is easy to get lazy when you are given too much time-flexibility on your online education. However, you will be able to find solutions on how to complete this particular course within given period of time - perhaps 2-3 years. In this case, you start to find a study partner by posting on a free online classifieds - Problem-solving skills do not develop within a day as it requires small steps over period of time.

University of Phoenix offers a robust curriculum that is continually updated to provide the best theory and practice in which requires high level of self-discipline. Eventually, you will be able to relate what you have learned from this particular course, to the real business world.

If you are inspired by well-known successful business leaders, then start earning your own MBA degree from one of the top online business schools. This initial step is essential in developing creative thinking, communication and problem-solving skills that contribute a tremendous opportunity on your career. For more information about online MBA course preparation tips and guides, visit


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