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Is A Higher Education Really Worth The Money? Education is Outdated, Especially in Business

Matt Frieling

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As a former financial broker and a graduate of an Accredited University, I look back on what exactly my education got me. It is important for you to understand that I worked very hard to graduate with honors and acquire the knowledge that I thought would make me rich. I even studied International Business in China, but the education lacked a sense of understanding how to create true wealth. I felt deceived when all I got was a very expensive piece of paper and a job that barely paid for the debt I'd piled on with the costs of college.

In this society we are conditioned to think that is okay to spend more than we make, and more importantly not invest in our future. When we are encouraged to invest, the returns balance the Interest on our current debts. . . if we're lucky. When an opportunity to supplement and someday replace an income that just no longer cuts it in this ever changing world, people view it as “risky".

So the question is, where is the real risk? The risk is in us relying on a system that is outdated and not self sustaining. . . AKA Pension plans, Social Security, Mutual Funds, etc. I don't know about you, but relying on outdated systems of security just don't seem to be that appealing anymore. An entrepreneurial spirit that harnesses the trends in the market will be the ones that benefit. Those that want to create their lives are grabbing a hold of opportunities that will create true wealth for their future.

As a writer, a musician, a world traveler, and an entrepreneur Matthew Frieling is a business marketing and leadership mentor. To find out more about Matthew's business ventures, please visit Squidoo or visit The Official Reverse Funnel System Page .


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