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The continuing surge of AI jobs


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The growth of artificial intelligence –related jobs isn’t new. The number of jobs in this space is increasing exponentially. Indeed, in its latest jobs report, has found that the number of AI-related job posts has increased by 29 percent in the last one year.

This rise in number of jobs, however, is less than previous years. To get a clear picture, the increase from May 2017 to May 2018 was nearly 58 percent, while from May 2017 to May 2018 was 136 percent the job site had reported.

Gradually, the searches for AI jobs has also declined. In the aforementioned report, Indeed reports, the searches on its platform have decreased by 15 percent, which had earlier increased by 32 percent and 49 percent in 2017 and 2018 respectively. This decrease in searches shows that there are more open jobs in AI than qualified talent to fill those roles. A sign of continuing gap between demand and supply of talent which has existed for a long time. Still demand for AI experts has not dampened and continue to rise.

What AI jobs are in-demand?

AI has been acting as an umbrella term for various job roles. Several roles under AI have picked tractions in the industry. According to Indeed’s latest report, following roles are the most in-demand -

1. Machine learning Engineer

2. Deep learning Engineer

3. Senior Data Scientist

4. Computer vision Engineer

5. Data Scientist

6. Algorithm Developer

7. Junior Data Scientist

8. Developer Consultant

9. Director of Data Science

10. Lead Data Scientist

Among these roles, some of them have appeared for the first, while some from the last year list have been dropped off. For instance, Junior and Senior Data Scientist, Director of Data Science have appeared this year, while roles such as statistician, Principal Scientist which appeared on the last year’s list have dropped off.

Further, machine learning engineer has emerged has the highest paid role among all AI jobs. This role has also recorded consistent year-on- year increase in salary. In last two years, machine learning engineers were the third highest paying job role. This year, however, it has jumped to the first rank recording the highest salary among all AI-related jobs.

Indeed puts Machine learning engineer followed by Data Scientist, Computer Vision Engineer, Data Warehouse Architect, and Algorithm Engineer as most paid roles in its latest research.

The future of AI jobs

Clearly, the number of jobs in AI has been consistently increasingly. However, unlike earlier, organizations are now mature in their hiring decisions for AI roles. As AI adoption is increasing, companies are very specific about the skills they seek in their candidates.

This also explains the declining number of job searches, as candidates have started to be specific about their roles. However, companies are increasingly looking for candidates with broad set of skills. Candidates realize this broadening skills requirement which are making roles available from last two years almost obsolete.

How to prepare for AI job roles?

Looking at the need for AI engineers and other AI-related roles, few organizations have started training existing employees to prepare them for future. A latest survey by Forbes, found that 42 percent companies are gearing their training programs to prepare their employees for future roles in the next three years. On the outside, professionals looking to jump to AI-revolution are taking certifications from third parties to skill themselves in relevant technologies and prepare for the jobs.

In summary, industry, educational institutions, and job seekers are all striving together towards building a holistic AI ecosystem.


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