Can you use a extra $30,000.00 this year?


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Can You Use an Extra $30,000 This Year?

The only thing that separates most retail jewelers from the “-Mart" stores and everyone else who changes batteries for $2.99 is the price. And before you say “We do quality work", the end result is the same – the battery is changed and nothing more. So effectively, if you charge $10 for a battery and the “—Mart" store charges $3, the real difference to the customer is $7. What we teach our students is that in order to get more money, you have to give more service.

Here is what the difference to your profits can be if you offer your customers a “Tune- Up" service:

The average retail jeweler changes approximately 50 batteries per week, or 215 per month at the national average of $9 each. That’s $1,935 per month. Our students who offer their customers a choice of a $9 battery, a $24.95 5-year battery or a $39.95 Tune-Up Service find that 40% will choose a $9 battery, 40% will choose a 5-year batter at $24.95 and 20% will choose a Tune-Up at $39.95. When you do the math, you will find that the difference in profits for the year will be over $32,400!

The biggest complaint associated with retail jewelry store customers and watches is regarding water-resistance. First, let me dispel some common wives’ tales.

There is no “hermetic" factory seal. The factory does nothing special to reseal a watch that you could not do yourself. The difference is in the details. You will need a few things to ensure you have done a good job:

  • Silicone grease
  • Gasket Assortment
  • “Rocket Cement" or G. S. Crystal Glue
  • Case Press
  • Case Opener/Bench knife/Case Spanner
  • Loupe
  • Bergeon 5555 Pressure Tester – OPTIONAL

    The cost of all necessary supplies (except the Pressure Tester) is under $100 total. These are all readily available from your material distributor. Most watches have three possible point of entry for water. They are the stem and crown, the back and the crystal. Here we will explain how to seal all three. We will explain this from the point at which the watch has already been opened. With the watch opened, remove the stem. On all water-resistant watches, there is a case tube.

    This is simply a tube that the crown slips over and that the stem passes through. In order for a watch to be as water resistant as it is capable of being, it is necessary to apply silicone to the case tube. Don’t worry if some of the silicone gets dragged into the movement when you put the stem and crown back in. It hurts nothing and in many quartz watches, actually helps. This alone makes a huge difference in the water-resistant capabilities of the watch.

    Next, we need to take a close look at the back gasket. This of course will necessitate using a loupe. What we will be looking for is cuts, dried areas, caked on dirt, and if it is stretched out (too large for the space). If the gasket is damaged in any way, measure the diameter of the back to the groove where the gasket rests with a millimeter gauge. They are measured in whole and 10ths of a millimeter, e. g. 27.5 mm. Inasmuch that they cost less than 10 cents each, not much to invest in a quality job. Next we will need to apply silicone to the gasket. The way I do this is I place a dollop of silicone on the edge of the case back, where the gasket rests. Then I spread the silicone around the entire gasket with my finger so that the entire gasket has a consistent but thin layer around the circumference.

    Then replace the back as you normally would.

    Next, we use either “Rocket Cement" or G. S. Crystal Glue. Where the crystal meets the bezel apply a liberal amount of glue to the seam. Inasmuch that this is a rubber type cement, when it begins to become tacky, an excess can be wiped a way with a cloth and still leave a thin seam of glue between the crystal and the bezel to insure it is water tight.

    You will, however, have to take a close look at the crystal and ensure that there are no cracks or chips. When you take these processes, the big difference between you and the “-Mart" stores is no longer $7, it is a professional job and being paid for it. We now offer a video of this procedure and marketing this service for only $39.95. If you would like one, please call Sheila Gendron at 888-750-3330.

    Dan Gendron is a 6th generation watchmaker and is the country’s leading instructor on building big, new profits with watch repairs. He offers books, videos and a hands-on course teaching jewelers to perform their own Quartz Watch Repairs. He can be reached at 888-750-3330. For class schedules and locations, visit his website,

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