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Of course we all want to save money. But as in most things, in removals, value for money is not the same as cheap.

I am not addressing the well heeled client, who by spending top money hopes to obtain top service (hurrumph). I am interested in how clients with small or single item loads to move, should approach the business of balancing cost against quality:- How can you know until it’s too late?

Of course every move is different. :- Some single items can be difficult. I have moved pottery kilns, and machinery, as well as pianos, the latter up tight stairwells. You may imagine that each job demands the right manpower, equipment and planning.

So often, a removal quote is as much about how the move will be carried out as the cost. Therefore, satisfy yourself that the remover is thinking properly about your case.

Sometimes prospective clients can hardly be bothered to think about the task at hand, and opt for the lowest quote to come in. That means that if the client has not got her wits about her, she may fall for a company which has not considered or is not competent to assess any problems which might arise during the job.

So much concerning the assessment of a job is subjective that clients should take time make up their own danger list, and actively bring these points to the attention off the estimator. Removers cannot know what obstacles or delays await them at the delivery end. Clients interested in obtaining the best price will therefore do themselves a favour with a little forethought and a full declaration of any perceived problems.

I am put in mind of a lady we once moved. After a four hour drive, we had to wait two hours for the client to show. When she did, she was unabashed-‘What a lovely lunch we have just had!…’ she exclaimed, ‘we found such a lovely restaurant! …’ I am very sorry madam;- but that’s why we have conditions of carriage!

Not properly packing your property is a false economy. So the price may be lower, but if something is broken, then you will pay more to replace or repair it, and, there is no such thing as insurance cover for badly packed property. . Actually I will go further: The insurance industry hates insuring private property for moving. Insurance is expensive and so full of exclusions and excess clauses, that your best bet is to pack it properly. I suggest that insurance should be about the complete loss, destruction or theft of the consignment.

One more thing about insurance. Your remover should not seek to insist on hefty insurance premiums. There are several reasons why it is not in their interest to allow a claim through. I do not wish to upset respectable and honourable removers, but I do advise:- If you want insurance, then get your own cover.

The quote you accept must allow for sufficient time, labour, and van space to handle your property gently. I spend so much time persuading new guys who come to work for me that it’s not about strength: - It’s about being careful - and that requires sufficent staff for the job.

A quote which is too low may result in a lack of preparation, a careless rush, exhausted staff and damage to your property.

The bottom line is:- Think about the problems - discuss them fully with prospective removers and make his job as transparent and easy as possible - pack properly with proper materials – insure yourself

Now the low price you get will also represent good value.

You can find more help at which offers advice on all removals, specialising in reducing the cost of small moves and single items, by sharing transport, and facilitating load grouping, and return loads.


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